Why Intuition Kicks In

By Katie Vrajich

Have you spent a lot of time visualizing what you want, but have yet to see any results? Are you ready to step into the financial life you want, relationships you crave or body that fits? It is time for action. I like to think about the law of Cause and Effect because it is a law of action.

This universal law states that everything that happens came as a result of something. I am eating tomatoes from my garden because I planted tomatoes in my garden. If I hadn’t planted them, then I wouldn’t be able to eat them. And since I planted and watered them, I am now able to eat them.

This seems super obvious, but sometimes we are looking for things to come into our life without having to do anything, like a magic pill (except even a magic pill wouldn’t work unless we actually swallowed it.) We want to have a perfectly formed body overnight without having to treat it well with nutritious food and adequate movement. Even if God does bring us exactly what we want just like the UPS man, we still need to open the door to receive it. Achieving our goals always requires some sort of action.

So how do we know what we need to do to get the “effect” or results that we want? Intuition. If you have a goal, it is firmly in your mind and heart, and then you listen to your intuition (or God speaking to you, your spirit, your gut etc.) and ACT, then you will be able to cause whatever you want to happen. The key is in the inspired action. Too many times we get an idea of what we should do and we are too scared to do it. What is stopping you? Is it too hard? Or too expensive? Or too boring? Or too revealing etc?

If we knew with 100% certainty that if we take these next 3 action steps, the result we are looking for would appear then it would be a lot easier to talk to that scary person or make the important phone call, or stop watching TV and write or stop reading endless self-help literature and DO. The thing is, we can know with 100% certainty that everything that we do is a “cause” and will create an “effect”. You cannot do a single thing without making something else happen. Just make sure you are doing the right things, so you can get the “effect” that you are looking for.

Let’s look at some examples:

1. If you watch TV all day long and do absolutely no exercise, or work or anything else what will happen? You can 100% count on your body, mind and spirit atrophying to mush.

2. If you throw a ball really hard at a wall, what will happen? Depending on the ball it will either bounce back, make a hole in the wall, or just fall to the ground.

3. If you visualize what you want, add powerful positive emotion to it and then write down any ideas that you can think of, what will happen? You will with 100% certainty be 1 step closer to your goal. And if you actually take one of those action steps that you write down, you will be another leap closer.

In the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps told the world that he was going to get 8 gold medals. He had already gotten 6 when he took to the water for the 100 meter butterfly finals. The entire way to the wall on the final stretch he was behind Cavic. Cavic took his final stroke and finished gliding into the wall, while Phelps shortened his stroke and fit an extra one in. He touched the wall first! The clock said Michael Phelps won! By 1/100th of a second.

That was one of the more exhilarating sporting events I have ever watched. So why did he take another stroke when he usually glides to the wall?

I would venture to say intuition.

He had his goal VERY clear in his mind – in fact it was so clear that the whole world already knew about it too. Then he followed what his gut told him to do and he did it! Imagine if he had discounted what his intuition was telling him and said, “nah… I don’t need to do that, I never have to do that.”

Do not talk yourself out of the actions you need to take! You have Gold medals to win, too. You have important things you need to do, so get to work!

To Success!


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Katie Vrajich

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