Preparing to Receive

By Katie Vrajich

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car suddenly you start seeing that car all over the place? Those cars were always there before, but you never really noticed them until they became part of you for some reason (like you have been dreaming of one, or you now drive one etc.) That is a simple example of how our mind can tune out information it deems unnecessary. Our mind tunes out all kinds of information that could help us get what we want.

So how do we help it tune into the things that we need? The answer is vibration.

Anything that you desire has a specific vibration. All you need to do to get it is to let the vibration of the desire work in you until you have the same vibration. Then you will be able to see the opportunities or meet the people that you need for that thing to be drawn into your life. You do that by holding a picture in your head, attaching a lot of emotion to it and feeling profound gratitude that it is already yours.

Let me illustrate:

Last year I began to study the Universal Laws of Thought. I wrote down a series of goal statements, one of which was to triple our income. I had no idea how that would happen, but I knew that I had to get in the right vibration with it. So I spent several minutes every day visualizing a specific dollar amount getting deposited in our bank account every month and then got super excited about it and grateful that it happened.

By taking these steps, I prepared myself to receive triple our income.

Within 3 months of me doing this I could tell that I was in the right vibration because I could literally feel it coming. I still didn’t know how it would come, but I could feel it. Then a few weeks later we started a business and I could see exactly how we would be able to make that money. I realized recently that for the past 4 months we have made that exact amount of money. Even more exciting is that when all of our start-up loans are paid off (probably in December) that number will almost double and be about 5 times our original income.

The business idea hadn’t been on our radar at all, but it was always there. We just had to be tuned into the right vibration to see it. Anything that you need is around you, you just need to get in the right vibration to see it!

Now we are working on new goals and I am certain that we will be able to achieve them. It is so exciting to know that the possibilities are literally endless! What do you want? There is money and opportunity and whatever you want right at your fingertips. It is only an idea away. Create the idea of you having what you want and get emotional about it. Soon you will be in the right vibration and you will be able to find all that you need to achieve that goal. Start right now! What do you want?

To Success!


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Katie Vrajich

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