The Me of the Future

By James Chase

When I first learned about the Laws of the Universe, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy was the one that gave me the most heartburn. I had never heard “perpetual transmutation” before and it was a bit confusing. Even when I heard the standard definition of “Energy is moving into form, through form and back to form” the words “perpetual” and “transmutation” kept me from seeing the obvious. It wasn’t until I defined these terms that it became clear.

I first went to the dictionary and defined perpetual and transmutation. Perpetual in essence means continuous, enduring, or constant. The best definition for transmutation was changing into another substance or form. When I put both of the definitions together I came up with a name that made more sense to me. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation to me is the Law of Constant Change.

Everything is constantly changing. For me personally my life was initially defined by my parents. Then as I went through school my education, my interaction with people, and my faith all had a part in defining and changing who I am now. So the “me of 1960” is much different than the “me of the present”. The “me of the present” will be vastly different than the “me of the future”.

An example: Since I was very young I had great teachers and that’s what I wanted to be when I got older. I would always take part in programs at my church and at school. It seemed that I had a natural tendency to become a teacher. But as happens I was teased by my peers – in part because I did volunteer so much.

As happens I eventually found myself not as popular as I wanted to be. I forgot that I wanted to be a teacher and any thought of it had become a negative. Once I was away from those who I felt had brought this on me the desire started to return. I had to force myself to keep my eye on this goal and eventually it came about. I am now a college professor, author and speaker.

What I realized is that in order be the “better me” I have to determine who I want to be and constantly work toward that goal.


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Dr. James B. Chase, Jr., EdD
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