Creative Visualization Basics

By James Chase

In 2006, with the release of the book, The Secret, I started my journey in learning about and applying the Law of Attraction. Even though the buzz of The Secret has died down, I study something about it everyday.

As I listened to people talk about the Law of Attraction, I was soon after introduced to Dr. Thurman Fleet’s Stickperson diagram. What in essence Dr. Fleet demonstrated with his Stickperson was that our thoughts, create our feelings, which causes us to act, and that is how we produced our results.

The Stickperson changed my life so much I wanted to teach it, so I contacted Dr. Fleet’s Concept Therapy Institute, and I applied what I had learned about the Law of Attraction to obtain the funds to get the training I needed.

So what is the Law of Attraction? The best definition I have come across to this date is this: You attract into your life the things, circumstances, and conditions that correspond to the nature of your dominant and habitual thoughts and beliefs in both your conscious and subconscious mind.

To consciously experience anything in your life you must really, really desire it – in fact another way of saying it would be that you “need it” Need I believe is stronger than desire. When you need something there is a “purpose” for it. When it has a big enough purpose it becomes a necessity.

You must learn to bring the energy of your thoughts from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. This is why the purpose needs to be strong. Once there, the subconscious takes it and runs with it, automatically moves you into inspired action, and causes the corresponding results.

Another way of stating this is called Creative Visualization. It is the basic technique that you positively and effectively reprogram your subconscious mind and attract more things and circumstances that you constantly choose. Through repetition and emotion you can program your subconscious to assist you in achieving your goals more easily.

Study and apply the Laws of the Universe and then just watch how your life will begin to change.

Dr. James B. Chase, Jr., EdD
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