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One of my readers asked me a question that you may have wondered yourself. He wrote:

“You have so much phenomenal and inspiring information. I don’t expect absolute perfection in everything you say. But when I really start trusting someone and I come across something that doesn’t make sense or that I don’t agree with, I’m very confused. I don’t know if I’m just not grasping what is being said or if it’s actually incorrect (at least for me). I’m a very literal and analytical person. So I have a hard time just skipping over these things.

“In your book, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, you say ‘If something is a little bit bad, then it is only a little bit good. If something is catastrophic, then there is, within it, something phenomenal!’

“Using the logic you used to build up to that statement, the opposite would also be true. If something is phenomenal, then there is, within it, something catastrophic. I have known people who have become very soured by this kind of outlook. They would see something bad in everything good. Therefore, they ceased trying to attain anything good. I don’t think I’m that way, but I can have that tendency at times. So I’m just trying to understand what you’re saying.” – Don

My reply:

“Yes, you can find bad wherever you look for it, too. It comes down to choice. But the message in my book is to assure people that there IS good to be found, when by nature we aren’t really sure.

“This concept is based on the idea that each situation just ‘is’ what it is, and both good and bad can potentially come from it. By our choice, we see the side of it and benefit from the side of it we want. The point of this concept is to help us believe that no matter how bad something appears to be, there is good that CAN come from it, to help us begin THINKing along those lines.

“It would be foolish to see something “good” and then go looking for the bad that can come from it. We’ll surely find whatever we’re looking for. But just because there is bad that CAN come from it, it doesn’t mean that it will, so it’s wiser to focus on the good that can come from it instead. Just like – just because there is good that CAN come from it, doesn’t mean that it will – so we should do our part to look for and expect the good.”

Perhaps this explanation will help other readers who have wondered the same thing. Thanks for your question, Don!

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  1. Mischa Dillon

    I had the same question at boot camp … thank you for clarifying this!

  2. Nancy

    I found it useful! Thanks!

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