“I forgot my baby at the store!”

Denise Webster is one of our Mindset Mastery Honors Graduates who went on to Mentor Training as well as Facilitator Training.

Because she was working on a book, she also went through Profitable Author training, and attended one of our Book Writing Retreats.

This girl was on fire! And due to her dedication and rapid progress, in 2010 she was appointed a member of our Mentor Advisory Board, and I want you to see what else she’s gone on to do and become. I know it’s only the beginning. Denise brings a special light to the world of all who know her.

Her website All About Becoming, shares her stories, humor, expertise, confessions, and unique perspective on the Laws of Success. But one of my favorite things about Denise was her raw authenticity as she spoke at a TEDx event about the day she forgot her baby at the store.

Check it out – So funny and so real:

We love you Denise!

Lastly, Denise has also contributed a number of articles about her own experiences with the Laws of Success – click to read them here.

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