Live like you were dying

At a time when I was out of steam, Shantel became the wind beneath MY wings. She believed in my message, could personally vouch for its power, and became a driving force behind keeping the Genius Bootcamp project alive. She became one of our best Genius Bootcamp Facilitators and then began to help us train the incoming Facilitators in Training.

We love Shantel. That’s why I now want to share the following video which was captured at a TEDx event. Her message to “Live Like You’re Dying” takes on an angle that you may not have previously considered. So powerful.

Take a look:

More about Shantel:

Shantel McBride has been one of our busiest Genius Bootcamp Facilitators. She loves Genius Bootcamp, and because of the quantum leaps it created in her life, she has been living and teaching what she’s learned ever since.

She is a mover and a shaker. She has been a host on K-Talk Radio for a show called Inspired Conversations, she became the “Cheerful Chaplain” bringing love and light to families and their loved ones on hospice, coordinated charity concerts in the community for Alex Boye during Covid-19, and has been an in-demand coach and mentor.

Thanks for all you do, Shantel! You are certainly a force to be reckoned with!!

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