Americans… Take Heart

I read a Facebook comment by someone who seems to have given up on their country, so…

I wanted to share why I’m still optimistic.

Truly, the people who are resigned to the direction this country is headed are doing the country no favors.

True, it may take an act of God to turn things around.

So the least we can do is live to qualify for that kind of intervention. It may come to the point where that’s all the hope we have left.

But that’s okay, because I do believe in God, and I do believe He loves this country and the freedom it has historically offered its people.

How can the people qualify? They begin to qualify by getting curious, concerned, and self-educated.

Secretary of Agriculture Benson said it best – that to qualify we must:

  1. teach our children that freedom is a gift from God (not man)
  2. learn about the Constitution from the point of view of the founding fathers,
  3. make quality family life a high priority, and
  4. become involved in your local community, supporting people and laws that align with the principles of freedom.

One of the problems is that anyone who swears to an oath of office is swearing to uphold the Constitution as it IS, not as it was originally designed. So it doesn’t matter how good we think a candidate is or isn’t, the problem lies in the laws that we the people have passed. The problem lies in the amendments that whittled away at the balance of power that was designed to protect us from overzealous leaders – whatever their party.

It’s not about any particular candidate; it’s about principles.

We the PEOPLE need to understand correct principles, so that we will be able to see through the politics, past the lies and slandering, past the legislation that is spun to the public as doing one thing when in reality it does entirely another, and see the core principles that are either being upheld or violated by our leaders, legislation, and by those who want to be in office.

As we learn to see the principles clearly, and get educated on what principles (if any) the various candidates stand for or stand against, we’ll all be much more educated citizens, and more capable of doing our small but important part to shape this world into something we can be pleased to hand over to our children and grandchildren.

I’m confident that God will help us. But how far gone it gets first, and how peacefully it can be turned around, depends on each one of us. It begins with educating ourselves.

Be smart… don’t rely on the media or government sponsored programs to teach you or your children about the fundamental principles of freedom. More often you’ll see the government talk about the social programs that are needed to make sure everyone is safe and protected.

So which is better?

A Vote for Broccoli

Enough for now. More to come as the debate heats up I’m sure. In the meantime…

God bless America!

Learn more about the Principles of Freedom

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