Calming the Storm

By Judy Young

As a little girl I had terrible nightmares.  Not your typical boogey man scary dreams, though.  I dreamt of fires, and tsunami’s (and I didn’t even know that word until I was an adult), and earthquakes, and tornadoes, and floods, etc.      Every single night I would wake up absolutely terrified.  I would scream out to my Mom, and she would come into my room.  I would tell her I was scared, and she ALWAYS answered, “Pray to Jesus.  He’ll take care of you.”

I remember, vividly, the middle of the night when I woke up after having another nightmare, and started to scream out for my Mom.  But I stopped.  Instead, I prayed.  I knew what my Mom would say, and I prayed.  And did from that point on.

But, WHY was I having those nightmares, those end-of-the-world terrors?  I believe for two main reasons.  One, my Mom was raised to live in fear of God, and to live in constant terror.  I remember, specifically, my Mom telling me about the end of the world; that we would all be judged by what we did in life, and anything we did wrong would be put up on a giant screen for the whole world to see.  I remember her also telling me that the moon, and all the water would turn blood red.

I don’t remember much more than that about it.  I just remembered being scared.  I didn’t want to do anything to make God mad.  I didn’t want my sins cast on a screen for all to see.  I didn’t want the shame.

The other reason I believe I had those nightmares was that my Dad had the news playing on tv almost constantly.  And the news, at least from my view point, is generally not about good things.  It seems the news thrives on reporting bad things!

Then, on occasion, there would be a scary movie on tv.

All these things, I believe, contributed to the negative vibrations going on in my mind.  Negative input meant, negative output.  I didn’t understand the Law of Vibration at the time, I just realized, one day, that I didn’t want to see scary movies, or the news, or hear all the doomsday messages my Mom delivered, so I shielded myself from all those things.

If the news was playing, I left the room.  If a scary movie was playing, I left the room.  I didn’t avoid my Mom, but it seems like she delivered less and less of those messages as time went on.  When my sister whom I shared a room with and I went to bed, we made sure the LAST thing we watched on tv was something happy.   We both, somehow, realized that if we watched bad things, we did not have good dreams!

As an adult, I do not watch the news. I don’t watch scary movies, and I do my best to stay out of the line of negative talk and negativity in general.  I have heard, over the years, of people being afraid to take a shower, because of some scary movie they watched about that, for instance.   I have never seen that movie, so that negative picture/vibration is not in my head, so I have never had a fear of the shower!   Even writing about it makes no sense to me, since I have never seen the movie.

Without understanding that this ALL  had to do with the Law of Vibration, I, instinctively put it to work for me to protect myself from a flow of more bad thoughts!  After a while, when I was younger, those nightmares completely stopped!  I stopped listening to (tuning in to) some of the negativity around me, so my thoughts changed vibration as well!  I changed what I tuned in to (made sure it was HAPPY), and that changed what was reflected in my private thoughts and dreams!


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