No Choice? Not True.

By Judy Young

I made more money in my job in 2019 than I had ever made.  For the first time in my life I felt like I could really make some money for my future.

That feeling lasted for about a month into 2020.

In January I took a pre-planned vacation, so I didn’t make the full amount that I normally can make in a month.  In February, perhaps because this is when Covid-19 first started being mentioned, there were not many flights to pick up, to supplement my schedule.

In March, I pushed to make as much money as I could, but still, not much.

By April there were hardly any flights operating, and the airline I work for, as a flight attendant, was asking people to take Leaves of Absence in order to help the company survive.  I didn’t want to take a Leave of Absence, but, I am based in San Francisco, and live in Portland, Oregon.  I have to take a flight to get TO work.  Our airline went from having six to eight flights per day, back and forth, to one flight per day, back and forth.  And, even that flight got canceled occasionally.

I felt forced to take a Leave of Absence, just by necessity – because – even if I COULD get to San Francisco, then where would I stay?  All the hotels were shut down.  Public transportation was shut down.  All the Crash Pads were shutting down.  (Crash Pads are shared places to stay that flight attendants share – for those who don’t live there, but who are based there).  Was I stay in the airport for an unknown period of time?  Even our Crew Lounge was shut down.

I felt there was no choice.

And, I also chose to relax and make the best of the three month Leave of Absence I chose.  I was not going to work May through July, but, that said, even though I was still “working” in April, I ONLY worked April 1st, and no other days in April either!

So I did.  I took some on line classes.  I did some purging in my home.  I spent time with friends that I normally didn’t have time for.

This situation of not having work available had two sides.  Not good because I didn’t have income, and, GREAT because I was able to do some things I normally didn’t have time for!  Two sides of the same coin!  As bad as it is ~ as good as it is!  As good as it is ~ as bad as it is!  There is good and bad in every situation, and I chose to make the best of a situation I felt forced into.  In truth, I was not forced, but that’s how it felt.

I returned to work for August and September, only to find out I would be laid off October 1st.

It has happened.  It is happening, and yet, I’m fine.  I choose to see the good in it.  I choose to see that as bad as it is, as good as it is!  Just like the Leave of Absence, I will continue to learn, and grown, and expand, and find other opportunities, and find ways to make my life better!  The level of pain I would have felt due to the current situation matches the level of JOY I am and will experience as a result of the same situation, and the opportunities I am, and will, make of it!

THIS is the Law of Polarity!


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