Discovering The Power Of My Thoughts

By Jan Lambert

My goal to leave Disability began with the death of my old PC. I bought a book of foundations and wrote a grant proposal for the money to buy a new computer. I wanted a laptop. When I ran it by the director of my Disability Action Center, he checked on the foundation I petitioned, and learned that the book had been misleading: the foundation only considered proposals originating in another state. He suggested a local education foundation, so I submitted my proposal there and was given my laptop!

This first success led me to dream bigger things. I began searching the Internet, looking for a business I might be able to do. I thought I found one. It was multi-faceted, and offered empowerment training, which I found very useful. I began to grow. My vision became larger.

Someone forwarded Leslie Householder’s newsletter to me. I signed up for one of her courses, online. I could afford a small payment every month, even though I did not have the large payment she required for the kit. As I read THE JACKRABBIT FACTOR, my mind slowly exploded. I wrote my first Goal Statement. I saw myself writing “…I teach others how to change their thoughts to change their circumstances and financial situation…” It wasn’t planned consciously, but as I wrote it, I knew it was true: This is something I must do. I didn’t know how. Perhaps invite people over, feed them, read and study each chapter, and lead a discussion. Encourage them to write and re-write goal statements until they fit the requirements: first person, present tense, etc. Then support them until their first goal statement came true and they “took off.” I could gain some expertise in teaching, and eventually charge a small fee for my classes. I hoped to grow to “seminar” status and be able to teach large groups in a short time and earn my living giving a few seminars per year; enough to pay my caregiver, my medical costs, my travel requirements, and the basic costs of living, with enough left over for a comfortable savings account.

Under Leslie’s guidance I began to dream a little bigger. My “living” became my “dream farm,” with my “dream house,” and my “dream barn,” for my “dream horses,” as well as for the horse I already own. It took on a few more people. Like Topsy, it “just grew.” I went for the best, instead of settling for less. I learned that money is not the point; it’s what I want.

While all this thinking was going on, I was “tweaking” my Goal Statement just about every day. I still had no idea how I was going to do all this. Was I just going to be able to ask Leslie if she minded if I taught “her” material?

Then she sent out an email to her list announcing a class for Mentor Training. This was my answer! I applied. Then I found out the cost. Since I didn’t HAVE the money, but thought I could save it up in a year and re-apply, I failed to respond to the next set of emails. Leslie would have none of it! Something like “Come on, people, use what you’ve learned, and get the money! It’s not SUPPOSED to be easy to get here!”

OH! I wrote a Goal Statement. About a week went by. Then, during a telephone call, the person on the other end found out that I wanted to do this, and offered to help. I told her I had determined not to ask anybody for the money. Her reply was, “You didn’t ask. I offered.”

So I opened my email to write to Leslie, to tell her I had some of it, and she had an email for me: scholarship money had become available! Get my application in. My next email to Leslie began: “You’re not going to believe what just happened, well, maybe you will…” Between Leslie’s scholarship and my benefactor, who increased her offer later to cover what the scholarship did not, I was able to go.

The Law of Vibration worked this way for me. It started very small: with my need for a new computer and the acceptance of the first grant proposal I had ever written myself. From there it just snowballed into my new career as a Mentor in Leslie’s program and the chance to teach what I’ve been learning. I had never realized that just my thoughts could hold such power!

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