Ebb and Flow

By Jan Lambert

As I learn about the Laws of Attraction and apply them in my life, I feel really good about what I am accomplishing, then it “levels out” into not so much of a “high” and so I have to find something more refined and improved to do in order to feel “so good” again. Sometimes it requires setting a new goal, sometimes it happens naturally, as when we practice and get better at something, we FIND a higher plane of accomplishment and it feels good.

My first experience I can remember, and I realize now I was living this law un-consciously, was with showing horses as a teenager. At first I just entered the classes, and accepted my fate. I accepted this because going to shows was just fun for me, winning ribbons didn’t mean that much to me. I’m not “competitive” in that I don’t have to WIN in order to feel good about what I’m doing.

But, as time went on, I began to accumulate ribbons. My first “First Place” was a “high” that only hit me the day AFTER the show! Why? Well, maybe because the show experience was still enough for me, and the “First Place” was like a little dessert after a banquet of all my favorite foods! Travel, horses, sunshine, watching other people perform and learning from them, were the main reasons I went to shows.

My very last show, my mare and I won a “Grand Champion!” A purple ribbon, and a trophy! It was our last show, because my life changed drastically soon after that. My parents divorced, I moved to a town a hundred and fifty miles away from the man who took me to shows and gave me all the horses to ride. And then Flicka got Equine Encephalitis and nearly died. Although my vet saved her she was too weak to even show in the County Fair that fall, so we’d had our last horse show.

I finished high school, married and started my family after that, and never went back to horse showing. By the time I had moved back to that town, the riding club was gone, the arena and stables where they had met was replaced by a junior college, and I never found the club members again, not even to do trail rides with. So our horse life took a new path, and the “highs” became associated with taking my little son riding, then teaching him to ride a horse, then training our foal, then being able to go riding with my son, each of us on our own horse.

Life takes on these new experiences. We can either accept where it naturally leads in the course of our life, living un-consciously, or we can learn how to write effective goal statements to make our other dreams come true, and begin living consciously. Had I known about the Laws in those days, I might have set goals, instead of letting my life “happen to me” as much as it did up to this point.

But for me, the lessons begin here: Today is the first day of the rest of my life. My Rhythm is now in my hands. I set my goals, and watch, and dream, and act as is appropriate, and they come true. My primary goal right now is to teach the Law of Attraction and mentor people through this process until they “get it.” I search for the people who are willing to change their lives. I start teaching them to change how they think about things, and support and encourage and guide them into their highest self, and into their prosperity. This brings me a joy that I am living, in a small way, now, and I know will bring me greater joy as I go along.

I hope to be able to help at least as many people as my mentor, Leslie Householder, has helped, and help them as well as she has helped me. I want to see their minds open to the possibilities around them, that they had not seen before. In his book DUNE, Frank Herbert wrote something about what senses we lack that we do not see and hear a whole other world around us. Perhaps one sense is a sense of our own purpose. My purpose is to learn the Laws of Attraction, and then help others find their world.

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