Overcoming Mistrust – We Must In Order To Prosper

By Jan Lambert

Let’s say “Sam” is a newbie in the world of Attraction. He would be, because if he was an old hand at it, we wouldn’t be talking about him. Sam is new to the program because he has a problem with trust. Trust is one of the foundation stones in the Laws of Attraction: we write a Goal Statement, we imagine how we will feel when it comes true, we feel gratitude for what we are going to receive, we trust that it is coming to meet us.

Trust is learned in childhood. Or not. A child who is constantly attacked in the one place it should be allowed to feel safe, its home, will never learn to trust anyone. Whether it’s neglect, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, religious abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, you name it, any betrayal of the trust that a child is entitled to instills fear, not courage, in the child.

The result is, more often than not, and I’m not saying there are not exceptions, lowered self-esteem, lowered expectations, lowered achievement.

Back to Sam. Sam grew up with one wish: to survive. Well, probably another, also: to make someone love him, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. Once Sam has grown up, maybe graduated from high school, maybe even some college, or even a degree. Superlative work for a person with lowered expectations and lowered visions. Sam goes into the work force, if he isn’t already there through having to work minimum-wage jobs to get through school. He’s already mentally on the low-line because he started out there. But he’s starting to look up. He’s seen the “achievers.” The ones who went into a career-track curriculum at college (more expensive, probably paid for by their parents), and are making much more money than he is. The ones who got better grades in his own chosen degree because of what he perceived as different circumstances (parental financing, or scholarships), and therefore got the better job offers, and are making much more money than he is. The ones who just seemed to “take off and fly” in the work force, and get the promotions that Sam never got. Sam never even got a raise that wasn’t in the company “schedule!”

We can see Sam’s problem. It’s his perception; the way he thinks about things. It’s not that he is incapable of “thinking positive.” He can. It just doesn’t hold together for him long enough to show results.

So what might be holding Sam back? Mistrust. He knows “the system” is stacked against him, because he has seen it has been so all his life.

What might Sam do to change this? My suggestion is to start with one thing now: become willing to change. Basic. Almost cellular. So I say to you, Sam, Look into yourself, at least once a day, perhaps even twice a day, when you wake up, and when you are ready to go to sleep. And say to yourself, ‘I am willing to change.’ This, before you begin any program at all to improve your circumstances. Until you are willing to change yourself, nothing around you is going to change. But when you are willing to change yourself, that’s when the magic begins.

After you have spent some time opening your mind, my next suggestion is to start working on the trust issue. That, too, is internal, and it’s going to be really interesting to do, because you need to find forgiveness in your deepest heart for those who have harmed you the most. Until you are able to forgive, they still have a hold on you that is holding you back.

Sam, forgiving others does not free them from responsibility for what they have done. It frees you. Let them go. Give yourself your wings. Then, you can go through the steps of imagining, dreaming, writing your Goal Statement, and trusting that it will come true as you do what you need to do to help it come true. Remember the Law of Vibration, it’s coming to meet you, therefore it is so. But holding onto it until it comes true takes that trust.

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