My Awakening To The Laws Of Attraction

By Jan Lambert

Growing up with few goals, the primary goal being “to survive,” and secondary but just as important being “to keep anybody from taking anything away from me,” was the result of a, shall we charitably say “chaotic” childhood. I was a classic product of The Dysfunctional Family.

I did not realize how limited my mind was, though, until I read Leslie Householder’s book The Jackrabbit Factor. During my reading, my mind did a slow explosion. Total deconstruction. Then a total rebuilding. At the end, my most memorable scene was where Richard consciously visualizes his second rabbit. He sees its white coat with the brownish gray down its back, the long ears, that it sits still and allows him to just pick it up. And when he sees his rabbit, he knows it is his rabbit because he had already seen it, he was already grateful for it. And it sat still and just let him pick it up. And, with Richard, I “got it!”

It wasn’t like: if I practiced it, I would learn how it worked. It was more like I knew that if I stood between the railroad tracks when the train was coming, it would surely hit me.

Then I understood. My life had been the way it was, from the lacks to the losses, because I had been raised to expect lack and loss, and nothing had happened in my life to change that expectation.

I learned what I had to do. I had to be grateful. I had to imagine. I had to dream.

Grateful, because everything in my life had led me to that point in time, with the strengths and talents I have to work with today, to make my new life what I want it to be.

Imagine, because I have to see things that aren’t here yet.

Dream, because I really need to create a beautiful world full of abundance and prosperity. It’s not just for me. I need to demonstrate for my son, and others, who also need to learn how to do it.

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