How this Law Brings Interest Into My Life

By Jan Lambert

Writing and watching Goal Statements come true is a very interesting experience for me. One of my first short-term goal statements was for the money to take a three-week road trip this, the first summer I have been involved with the Law of Attraction.

I wrote the goal for five thousand dollars because I am an optimist. I wrote about the people, the sites, the comfort and security of hotels and restaurant meals. I envisioned myself as a genteel lady travelling in her van with her dog, stopping here and there to read Historical Sites, visiting parks, and arriving at hotels with strong, handsome young men to carry my bags to my room. Also the dog food bowl, and the dog water bowl, and the computer suitcase, and the… I would be pampered and petted and my friends would come visit me in my nice hotel rooms. We would order room service treats while we talked, or sit at the pool and have a swim. Ah, so luxurious! Jan, the Successful Businesswoman! I would show them the Law of Attraction at its finest!

When I left home, I had enough money in my possession for one tank full of gas for my van! I put it in and drove. The trip evolved. Instead of hotels and restaurants, I stayed in the homes of my friends, ate with them, and bought fresh fruit and vegetables from grocery stores along the way. Money for gas and expenses was deposited into my account as I went along by a dear friend who knew how much this trip meant to me. He was also watching my mail for checks coming in that I was and was not expecting, so he could deposit them.

I learned another lesson or two: if the financial Goal Statement didn’t come through exactly as I wrote it, I had such a lovely time visiting in the homes of my friends, that I would not have had if I had stayed in hotels and ordered restaurant food. I got to pet their dogs and cats, play with their neighbors’ children, I even met a boa constrictor named Scarlett!

My diet was much healthier out of a grocery store produce section than it might have been had I been tempted with fried foods and rich desserts! With my ongoing health problems, my Goal Statement Angel made sure I was well cared for, well fed, watched over, given the companionship and protection of good friends. It could not have been a better trip, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the hotels, maid service, and restaurant meals in the world!

Goal Statements come true. Your dreams will come true. I want to use this experience of my own to emphasize to you that even if what you write your short-term goal for doesn’t pan out exactly the way you write it, not to worry. It may be even better!

I have not had time for a long-term Goal Statement to come true, as I have been in the program less than a year. But my first goal statement, that was originally supposed to be a short-term goal, an assignment in the Family Time and Money Freedom course, has been expanding itself into my Life Goal Statement. Sort-of like the answer to “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Only sooner, as I wrote a date MUCH closer than five years at the top of this goal.

It began simply, with my “dream farm,” with my “dream house.” Then came my “dream barn,” for my horse. Almost daily, the picture becomes more detailed, and I “tweak” it. I finally put it on the computer so I can edit it without having to re-write the whole thing every day by hand. I’ve learned where the terms “cut and paste” come from! Only I was using tape. It’s become a fully self-sustaining operation with greenhouses, solar cells, a windmill. There is employment for several people.

I know it will come true because it’s “in my dreams.” Only it’s so real, that when I wake up and look outside and see my normal house and yard, I feel surprised that it still looks like that.

Jan Lambert
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