Motherhood and Prosperity

By Linda Knudsen

“Mom, the dishwasher EXPLODED!” my boys yelled frantically.

“Guys, dishwashers don’t explode! What are you talking about?” I ask incredulously.

As I round the corner to the kitchen I shriek, “the dishwasher IS exploding!” This is something I hadn’t supposed was possible, yet there it was, oodles of bubbles pushing their way from the depths of the dishwasher and all over the floor in massive heaps! The stern mother in me was furious but the sight was so hilarious couldn’t help but laugh!

In its simplest terms this situation explains “The Law of Cause and Effect”.

Cause: dish soap in the dishwasher. Effect: lots (and lots) of suds!

So how can we use this law to prosper our families? Good question! There are two keys we’ll discuss in just a minute.

Before I tell you those 2 keys I want you to know that the emotions of my heart have done battle with this idea of prosperity for many years. We are taught through other laws, for example, “The Law of Attraction”, that we attract certain things to us by our thoughts. I’ve seen many people create vision boards, then sit back on the couch and look at them… I know – I’m one of those people! I wanted the “effect” but I didn’t know what “caused” it!

Let me be clear; vision boards, goals, and dreams, are all vital “parts” to the whole. But these are the “effect” or the suds. After you create a vision of what you want you have got to focus on what causes the vision to come to fruition. You know that you want the suds, but now how do you create them? This is where the two keys come into play.

First, prospering your family requires the key of education. I’m not talking strictly a four year college degree. Though formal education may be a piece to a bigger puzzle, it isn’t the only piece! Those who prosper seek out education in their everyday lives, and well after their college days are over. They seek understanding, depth, and clarity. Their book list is a mile long and it is filled with uplifting, inspiring, motivating, amazing books. Everything from autobiographies, to history, to self-help.

I have found that a great education can be achieved from good books as well as seminars, specialized training, online courses, and even observation.

More than once I have found myself using my education to create that “cause” and afterward watched as the “effect” naturally and effortlessly followed, just like the suds that flowed from my dishwasher!

Now on to the second key: Work.

Yes, work. I can hear you now, “but I already work so hard!”

If you said that with a whiny voice, almost like one of your own children, then you know you have a problem. (I know because I find myself, if not using it, at least thinking it!)

Mommas, I know we already work so hard! Dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, carpool, sports, homework, volunteering… ugh – the list goes on forever. And that is just mothering- that isn’t talking about all the other work we do!

So when I say “work” what am I talking about here?

First of all, motherhood is the grandest use of our time and talents. Our family must come first. Nothing in life will be as gratifying as observing our children grow and progress and experience prosperity for themselves. If family doesn’t come first now, then what will make it any different in some future ideal?

So we have the work of mothering. We understand that it takes precedence. Now I speak of another work.

This is the work that you love to do, the work you are passionate about. Start with just one small step. Do something with what you love today. Start a blog, create supporting materials, write an article about it. Just start today doing something and watch as it blossom into an effect which produces a sweet fruit.

Balance motherhood with your passion by involving children with your vision, education, and work. As you put your family first, continually seek education, and work on your passion, you will experience the unlocking of the doors of prosperity.

Linda Knudsen
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