Ignorance is not Bliss

By Linda Knudsen

My aspirations were as high as the noonday sun. I was quickly moving about digging holes for all of my newly purchased plants. It had been a good many years since I had grown a garden and this year I was going to grow some pumpkins for the kids. Just to think about it made me giddy; our own home grown pumpkins for Halloween!

Carefully tending to the plant I watered and weeded the whole summer through. My anticipation grew with the summer heat. I watched each day expectantly for the blossoms to turn to pumpkins. As summer drew to a close and school began there were still no pumpkins and concern grew deeper as the squash bugs began ganging up on me. The plant was beginning to die.

My friend at the farmer’s market was selling gorgeous orange pumpkins, the kind I had envisioned. So I bought a few and was even tempted to place them in the garden so the kids would think we’d grown them ourselves but they told me they have known and nice try anyway. Shucks!

I asked my friend of the gorgeous pumpkins why mine hadn’t grown. She explained the subtle yet very understandable nuance to me.

You see, while some plants have both male and female parts in the same flower, with a pumpkin it takes two separate flowers, a male and female flower, to create a pumpkin. Male flowers have a large bloom coming straight out of the stem. The female has a bulb where the stem meets the bloom. It was a simple lesson of the birds and the bees. In order to ensure fruit I could easily take a male bloom and shake the pollen out into the female bloom. In order for the new plant to grow, everything had to come together as nature intended!

Have you ever wondered why, when you have planted an idea seed, why you never saw the seed bear fruit? Maybe you even began to question whether the laws of thought really work (I know I have!). It has taken me many years to come to understand this particular law. I thought it sounded kind of hokey and therefore just pushed it aside.

At last the light has shown upon my understanding! Our ideas have parts, you might call them “male and female” which must come together to create the fruit.

For example, after learning about the laws of thought my husband and I made a very large monetary investment into a company. We studied the investment and thought we understood how the company worked and were excited to think about the fruits it would bear. Within only months after investing we stopped receiving our dividend.

Not long after we realized that we had lost it all. We had applied all the laws of thought and positive thinking according to our knowledge. But the parts didn’t come together correctly. We later discovered that what we had hoped was going to be our windfall became our downfall because we had a lack of education.

Sometimes we think we know it all and then later painfully learn that it is what we don’t know that may hurt us the most. Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” obviously wasn’t dealing with large sums of money! All the parts to the investment had to be present. Had we educated ourselves more fully (knowing that a pumpkin plant contains both male and female parts would have helped enormously in growing pumpkins!) we could have known more about how to grow an investment!

So what will we do next season or with the next investment? Will we dismiss the opportunity because last time it didn’t grow, or will we learn from our experience, increase our knowledge, and prosper because we were willing to try again?

Linda Knudsen
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