Simple Kindness, Great Reward

By Karilyn Barnett

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.  Or every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Actions, like a boomerang, come back to you in one form or another.  It’s a true law.

When I started my travel business 6 years ago I was in love with the idea.  I knew I could succeed if I could just find clients to serve. I didn’t have a marketing budget, so I simply told everyone I knew about my business.  I told people in line at the grocery store or at the doctor’s office. One-by-one clients started to come, but I needed more. I had no idea how I would find more clients, I just believed they would come.

Late one evening I received a call from a woman inquiring about a cruise she had booked. She indicated that she booked her cruise with me and she wanted to make her final payment.  I didn’t recognize her name so I asked her where she lived. She replied, “Montana.” I told her that I didn’t have any client’s in Montana and that she must have been mistaken. She politely responded, “I have your website written down right here on my piece of paper, so I must have booked it with you.”  Indeed she had my website but I wasn’t her travel agent.

I jotted down her name, phone number and sailing information and told her I would call the cruise line and see what I could find out.  I told her that there was a good chance they wouldn’t tell me anything as I wasn’t the travel agent of record, but I wanted to try. She greatly appreciated my offer to help.  I called the cruise line and explained the situation. The reservation agent was able to find the booking and as expected, could not give me any specifics about the cruise. She was able to give me the name and number of the agency who did have the booking so I could pass it on to the client.

A few minutes later I had the woman in Montana back on the phone and she was so happy the mystery had been solved.  With the urgent matter aside, we talked for a few minutes about her cruise. I gave her some tips about the ports of call and fun things to do while on the ship.  She thanked me again and said she would call me if she ever decided to go on another cruise. I told her I would be pleased to help her any time in the future. After a few days, I completely forgot about the encounter.

Several months later the phone rang and it was the lady from Montana.  She said the cruise was a lot of fun and they had had a great time. She was also calling to let me know that she had given my name and number to her sister who was newly engaged and wanting to get married on a cruise ship.  Over the next several months, I booked cruises for the bride-to-be, groom and all of their guests. My little kindness to the lady in Montana brought 30 brand new clients! But that’s not the end of the story…those 30 have brought me another 20 new clients!  Time will only tell how many new clients will come my way as a result of one simple kindness.

So next time you need clients, remember to tell everyone about your business and be sure to extend genuine kindness to each person you come in contact with.  You will feel great and your actions will start a chain of events in motion that will bring you the business you desire.


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