Think About, Bring About

By Karilyn Barnett

The Law of Rhythm is a universal law, but it’s one that we understand more easily when we look at the natural world around us.  The tide goes in and out, the sun sets and rises, the seasons change at the appointed time and best of all we can count on these things to happen with exactness and precision…day after day after day.

Not only is nature bound by the Law of Rhythm, we are too.  During the course of our lifetime we will experience many lows and highs, but unlike nature we do not have a chart that tells us exactly when to expect a low to end or a high to begin.   What we do know from nature though, is if you are experiencing a low time, you can know that the Law of Rhythm will move you back to a high point, you can count on it. But does it work in reverse?  If you are experiencing a high point in your life, does that mean you are destined for a low time? Perhaps not.

The key to using the Law of Rhythm to your benefit is to be sure that your life is gradually moving upward, or progressing at all times.  Work on setting goals and achieving them, expand your knowledge and grow proficient at expressing gratitude continually. That way when you do experience a low, this low is really just your old high!  As you continue to move forward and achieve success, your new high will be long lasting and rewarding. If you are experiencing the high point, don’t tell yourself, “This is all going to come crashing to an end soon” because your thoughts will then be in harmony with the thing you don’t want.  Do not dwell on a possible low, always stay focused on moving your life forward and progressing.

In times past we have seen the economy rise and fall.  We know that this is part of the Law of Rhythm too. At times like these, when the economy is slowing down and the price of everything is on the rise, it’s easy to fall into the complaining trap, but you must not.  You have complete control over the things you allow into your life. Limit the amount of news you watch, or better yet don’t watch it at all. If you subscribe to the newspaper, go straight to the travel or sports sections or read the comics for a laugh or two.  If you become enamored with the rather depressing news of today, you too will feel your life start to slip backward. You can’t let this happen. I’m not saying ignore the news, just don’t dwell on it and don’t get into a complaining session with co-workers or family.  Always give your focus to a belief in abundance and gratitude.

We all know the old saying, “What you think about, you bring about.”  Today everyone is busy thinking about and talking about how bad things are, but what they don’t realize is that their thoughts are actually contributing to the problem.   For a moment, just consider this idea…What if for the next several months every person quietly went about their life believing only in complete abundance, with never a thought given to lack or doubt?  Such a massive shift in thought could bring about a very rapid turn-around. The media would not have anyone to pander to and their news would change. Creativity would flow and the marketplace would see new products.   Jobs of a new dimension would be created. Our society would be progressing and we would be moving toward a “new” high point. It might sound impossible to get everyone to change their thoughts and actions, but it all begins with just one person.  Make the choice to live fully and progress. As you become successful the circumstances around you will change. Your example will help others and their circumstances will change. The change will roll from person to person and America will rebound.  Your success is vital to America.


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