The Perfect Lot

By Karilyn Barnett

The Law of Vibration states that everything is in a state of vibration, and that vibration is a medium for transferring signals.

Everything vibrates: the desk, the curtain, the soda bottle, etc. It’s been said we live in an ocean of motion and that’s true.  Everything is vibrating and we are vibrating too. Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Vibration is working all of the time whether we understand it or not.

Perhaps the least understood part of this law is that our thoughts are transferring vibrations.  Just as a radio station emits a signal that can be received, we also send out a signal that is received by that thing we are in harmony with.  For example, when we think thoughts of lack and worry, we are in vibrational harmony with lack and worry. As a result we receive lack and worry.

It’s important to understand this law, because what you don’t know can hurt you.  The following 4 points will help you use the Law of Vibration to your benefit, not your detriment:

First:  Choose your words and thoughts carefully.  Often we place our thoughts on what we don’t want and that is exactly what we receive.  “I’ve got to get out of debt” will bring about more debt. Stay away from words like: lack, despair, weight, fat, debt, pain, suffering, defeat, etc.  Focus on words with a positive connotation: love, peace, wealth, health, abundance, etc.  

Second:  Thoughts also come from our subconscious.  How in the world do we know what these thoughts are?  Look at your life. You have attracted everything to you.  Do you like what you see? Are you happy? If you are unhappy and do not like what you see, than change your thoughts by practicing gratitude.

Third:  Practice continual gratitude.  Keep a gratitude journal and practice giving thanks for every thing. Your will gradually change your thoughts and before long, you will feel your emotions start to change.  As your emotions and thoughts improve, so will your circumstances. Your feelings are an outward reflection of your inner state. Pay attention to them.

Fourth:  Correct your inner state with “I Am” statements.  Our bodies are physical, but we are also spirit, which is perfect.  If you desire to change you inner state, practice “I Am” statements and be aware of your feelings.  By repeating and believing through your perfect spirit, “I am neat and orderly” the conscious and subconscious mind will begin to replace the old sloppy ways with the new idea.  Other statements might include: “I am healthy, I am neat, I am friendly, I am love, I am kindness, I am strong, I am wealthy.” It may feel like a lie to your physical body, but it’s a true statement of your spirit.

As I look back over my life, it’s fairly clear to see the things that I have brought into my life, both good and bad.   For example, when in high school I really wanted a new flute. Unknowingly, I clearly put myself in harmony with the vibration of the particular flute, as a way was provided for me to obtain it.  

A couple of years ago I happened pass a new neighborhood.  The neighborhood was going to have a couple of lakes, a community pool, and playground.  It was a beautiful setting. As I looked at the map layout, I commented to the salesman, “This lot is going to be the best lot of all.”  He agreed wholeheartedly, but said that it was going to be a couple years before that section was developed. I took my husband and kids out to the area and we had fun throwing rocks into the lake and watching the frogs jump.  We felt the feeling of living there, before the lot was ever available for purchase. Time went by and I visited the neighborhood just a couple times more, but really didn’t give it much thought. Then one day, I felt an urge to go see the neighborhood.  To my surprise, the lot I loved had just been put on the market the day before! We took immediate action and now we live in our beautiful new home on the perfect lot. The universe set the chain of events in motion for us and now all of the neighbors tell us that we have the best lot in the neighborhood!

You too can employ the Law of Vibration to your benefit. Practice the 4 steps above and you’ll see your circumstances begin to change.  


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