Hope Breeds Hope

By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Have you ever been so connected to someone that when they start to get emotional and cry, you do too? I do this with my husband all the time. He is more emotional than I am, but I can tell when he’s getting emotional and tearing up even if I don’t hear a crack in his voice or see his face. I feel a swell of emotion and begin to cry too.

This happens because of the Law of Vibration. When two people, things, or circumstances are in harmonious vibration, they will resonate with one another. The Law of Vibration says that everything is vibrating. If you look at anything at an atomic level, you will see that the atomic particles are moving.

Hospitals have machines that measure brain waves. Our thoughts, emotions and our bodies are vibrating. They are emitting signals. These signals can be picked up by people, animals, or machines that are tuned into those frequencies. This is why predatory animals can sense fear and attack. This is why you can walk in a room and realize the two people there were just fighting – even if the fight just concluded.

We can utilize The Law of Vibration to attract to us the things we desire. Everything we desire has a frequency to it. Peace has a frequency. Love has a frequency. Prosperity has a frequency. If we want any of these things, we must resonate on the frequency upon which our desires live. We must tune into them like you tune a radio dial to the frequency broadcasting the music channel you wish to hear.

Anger breeds anger. Love breeds love. Hope breeds hope. If you desire a different set of circumstances, feel as if you are already in those circumstances. Gratitude, love, and delight are all powerful emotions that draw to you the thing you desire.

If you want a different circumstance, envision the desired circumstance while you gratefully feel what it will be like to live in those circumstances. Feel what it’s like to be in a happy marriage with great communication. Feel what it will be like to go to the store and buy what you need without having to check your bank balance first. Feel what it will be like to live in the new home. Feel the gratitude, the wonder, and the joy of living the life you desire. Feel what it’s like to live a life where anything is possible.

When I was single, I imagined myself in a relationship with a man who understood, acknowledged, and appreciated me on every level. I imagined conversations with this man in my mind. We discussed deep things and had meaningful, respectful and inspiring conversations. You might think that’s a bit crazy to daydream like that, but guess what? I have that relationship now. Many times, when my husband and I are sitting at the kitchen table talking about some deep and inspiring topic, I have this Deja vu moment when I realize… this is just like I imagined it would be! I lived this before we were ever together.

Whatever you seek, align yourself emotionally with the vibration of that outcome. Imagine it. Most of all, FEEL it. Live it now. In the proper time, it will be yours!


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