Miracle Gravel

By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

Have you ever written down a goal, forgotten it, and then found that piece of paper later and discovered that you accomplished the goal you wrote down? If so, you have reaped the rewards associated with living in harmony with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either moving in or out of form. My mentor, Leslie Householder taught me this law back in 2000. She told me, “Think of the thing you desire as being spiritually created in the room with you the moment you set the intention to have it in your life.” 

From then on, when I set a goal, I could imagine it in the room with me, created in a wispier form, not physical yet, but still there. Once the thing I desire is created spiritually, like a magnet it begins drawing everything it needs to take physical form. The main ingredient it needs now is time. As for my part, I need to let it grow and not cast aside the idea as impossible.

I have a gravel story that illustrates this law in action. We live on a half-mile dirt/gravel road that frequently floods during the rainy seasons. It’s hard for us to keep gravel on it. It forms potholes that swallow tires and tear up the suspension on our cars. 

After learning about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, I decided to try it out to get some gravel for our road. At the time, I didn’t have the funds for gravel to be brought in. So, every time I drove up and down the road, I would partially close my eyes and imagine lush, thick gravel on the road. With gratitude and delight, I imagined a smooth ride and the crunch of gravel under my tires.

Then, one early morning, with a van full of kids on our way to school, I found a small stretch of our road had fresh gravel laid upon it. Where had it come from? I had no idea. I called my sister who lives next door. Had she and her husband put down the gravel? No. She had no idea where it came from. I ran some errands after dropping off the kids. When I returned home, I found even more gravel spread out on our road. I called my Dad. Had he had it delivered? No.

I worked in my home-based business for several hours. When it came time to pick up my children from school, I found even more gravel! A thick layer of gravel now covered three-fourths of the main stretch of our driveway! Where in the world had it come from? I was utterly giddy! I had just imagined this and here it had miraculously, mysteriously appeared!

When I returned home after picking up my children from school, I spotted the gravel truck emptying out another load.

I waited for the truck to exit the driveway and stopped the driver.

“Who hired you to deliver this gravel?” I asked. 

He informed me that a local farmer who owned the sod farm beside ours had hired him to bring the gravel. This farmer frequently used our road to access his sod. He decided to put some gravel down on our road to cover any wear and tear his trucks had made to our road. I’m sure he got sick of driving his trucks through our potholes!

My effulgent gratitude spilled out to the truck driver, and I insisted he convey my immense gratitude to the sod farmer. 

What I wanted seemed beyond my abilities, yet it wasn’t beyond the abilities of someone else who wanted the same thing I wanted – a smoother drive up and down our road!

When you set a clear intention and envision it with positive emotions (like gratitude and delight), you set in motion the creation of the thing or circumstances you seek. If you allow that vision to remain, like a seed planted in the ground, it will swell, grow, and eventually bear fruit… or in my case create gravel! 


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  1. I would love to hear the rest of the story when she told the sod farmer how grateful she was for the gravel.

    1. It’s been so many years since this account (over a decade ago), I can’t remember the exact moment I thanked him. But, I’m always praying blessings on this man’s head. He and his family are good people and good neighbors. We were struggling to keep our field under control and he offered to clear it and plant sod and corn on it (which he harvested). This kept our property in good shape and gave him more land to harvest. We were just over there a few months ago thanking him for that and discussing our new project. We’re taking over the maintenance of a chunk of our property again … growing elderberries, blueberries, pawpaws, a fruit tree orchard, cushaw squash, okra and more. I thanked him for the work he’s done and let him know how grateful we are for what he did.

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