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By Marnie Pehrson Kuhns

After working hard in my business for 28 years, I needed a break. I’d been in hardcore provider mode for way too long and was burnt out. I had accomplished several huge life goals. My biggest dreams were a reality, and I took time to enjoy them and step away from the need to be consumed with making money / providing. Fortunately, thanks to my awesome husband I could do that. I had his full support and encouragement.

By November of 2019, I felt I’d rested long enough. I began to feel unsettled, as if there were something more God wanted me to do with my life than play music, watercolor and travel.

I’d finally gotten to the point where I didn’t feel driven or worrisome about making money. It’s such a liberating place to be! I wanted to be careful how I moved forward.

I felt the “call” to step out and do what God wants me to do with my life. I made this a matter of prayer for a while before the opportunity came to go through Leslie Householder’s “Mindset Mastery” course. I felt strongly that I should take the course and get certified to teach Leslie’s materials.

The challenge for me was that my life had no challenge. There was no “thing” I wanted that I could use the laws to obtain. I felt no great need concerning finances like I had when I first learned the laws of thought 20 years ago. I didn’t feel driven to create the ideal marital relationship, because I have that now. I have all my big dreams. So why did I need to review this material? Yet, God was telling me to do it.

The question I had in my mind was, “What drives you when you have everything you ever wanted?” I went into the Mindset Mastery course with the objective of connecting with my life purpose. I was open to however God wanted it to look.

My first goal during the course was to attract someone whom God wanted me to help. I asked for God to send me someone who needed my skills as a SimplyHealed™ Practitioner, my life experiences, and the lessons I’ve learned from losing all my dreams and then God giving me all my dreams in a miraculous way.

God sent me that person. That person helped me see how I could serve and what I had to offer that brought me an extreme level of joy.

After this first person came along, I decided to ask God to send me someone else. I created the following statement and read it daily for a week:

“I am so happy and grateful that God is entrusting one of His children to me to be there for them. I am able to calm their fears, give them a safe place to be heard, give them an eternal perspective, help them believe in themselves, and trust God and the Savior so they can be at peace, feel God’s love, and know their next best step. I love seeing and hearing the transformation in their voice and demeanor as they come to this place of hope and clarity. To assist this person, I employ my SimplyHealed™ and music skills, and the things I have learned from my life experiences. I am thrilled that God is bringing this person to me by Saturday, January 18, 2020.”

God had just sent me someone like this. I was merely asking for someone else to serve. I told God He was welcome to send more than one person and that I knew He had someone in need that I could help. I was at His disposal.

Not much happened until Friday when I had a strong impression to go on Facebook and send a casual, “Hi, I was thinking of you, how have you been?” type of message to whoever stood out to me. I sent 9 messages like this. I immediately heard back from 5 people. Three had serious trials going on that I knew nothing about. They all asked for prayers, but nothing more at that time. Just as I headed for bed Friday night, I noticed another message from one of the 9 people. I didn’t read it at that time. Saturday morning, I read her message. She said she was going through a difficult time and was asking friends to pray and fast with her that weekend. She concluded with, “I’d also love to talk to you sometime whenever it works out.”

I told her I’d fast with her and set a time to talk with her Sunday evening. Our conversation and the results were EXACTLY what I envisioned. I was able to use what I’ve learned from adversity, the laws of thought, and SimplyHealed™. I created a piece of music for her that solidified the work we did together and emailed her the MP3.

This experience helped me solidify the work I do with people. It jump-started everything I’m doing now with my book and courses. I came away from these experiences with a pattern and a process that I now use to help more people.

Here are my take-aways:

  • There are people all around us who need our help… who are dealing with hard things … but we don’t know because we haven’t taken the time to reach out and ask.
  • Following Spiritual nudges quickly.
  • I couldn’t sit back and do nothing and say, “bring me someone.” I had to do something to reach out. It wasn’t hard, but I had to do something … specifically what the Spirit directed me to do.
  • I was willing to help any and all 9 people, but I was only able to give them what they ASKED for in return. Those who wanted prayers, got prayers.
  • The one who asked to speak with me got everything I wanted to give. Leslie says, “What you want is looking for you.” You have to ask specifically… it’s there… looking for you … but it can’t give you the help if you don’t ask specifically.


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