Planning for the New Season

By Steve Dragon

As with virtually all the Laws, including the Law of Rhythm, I can recognize their operation throughout my life without having understood what they were at the time.

I have noticed, especially in the past thirty years or so, that when we (my family) got into difficult financial situations (low points), there very soon came opportunities for overtime at work to save the day, or month or year as the case may be. The more experience I had with the Law of Rhythm (although I didn’t yet have a name for it), the more I came to hope for and even expect to see it in my life. I’m grateful to have come to the point in my life and learning that it’s not only okay but desirable to expect it.

Most of my memorable Law of Rhythm experiences have had to do with my financial state. It’s probably safe and accurate to say that the frequent financial ebbs and flows of my life were nearly always self-imposed. I was always very careless with my money. It seems that “easy come, easy go” was my motto, even though it wasn’t always that easy. Somehow, I learned from my childhood that if I have money in my hands today, I’d best spend it and enjoy it today, because I didn’t know what might happen tomorrow. Maybe the opportunities for enjoyment would pass; maybe someone would demand it of me, and I wouldn’t have it anymore; maybe I would even die. Unspent money was always “burning a hole in my pocket.”

So I would usually spend what I had when I had it. Then I discovered credit and gladly spent what I didn’t have. After a few years I would get tired of that situation, pay down the debt, and live relatively debt-free for a while—maybe a year. Then, like most addictions, I would start thinking, “I’ve been really good for a long time. Maybe I could just use a little bit of credit to get this one thing I’ve been wanting for a while. I’ll easily pay it off next month.” And then the bondage cycle started all over again.

At the time of this writing, we are in the greatest debt we have ever been in, with the lowest income we’ve had for many, many years. But I actually feel very grateful for the way things have happened in the past couple of years. Because of the Law of Rhythm and several other applicable Laws, I’m very confident that things are just about to turn around for us. We have recently learned more about, and committed to participate more fully in, principles of self-reliance, including increasing savings, decreasing and eliminating credit balances, and diligent avoidance of credit to maintain lifestyle. We are increasing our home business sales almost monthly. And I am laying the groundwork for what I believe will be a great blessing to us and many others in coming months. I’m excited to feel the up-cycle approaching!

It’s like I have consciously turned the up-and-down horizontal wavy line of life’s rhythm up 45 degrees, as suggested in our Mindset Mastery lessons. Whereas in years past, I would have considered where we are now as a very low, low spot in our lives, I instead see our current situation as a temporary leveling off as we await and prepare for the next amazing growth experience and opportunity. In fact, it was with much gratitude that I recently felt a spiritual confirmation of the truth of this idea. With all I have learned this year about God’s laws of co-creation, and with my continual efforts in practicing them, I have no doubt that we are about to have the best-ever season of our lives!


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