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By Jimi Teague

Most of us know that what goes up must come down. Waves crash on beaches, only to return to the sea and the heat of the summer will soon be the chill of winter. We can trust in these truths.

Currently we are faced with a virus that is causing worldwide panic. People are stockpiling food and supplies. Businesses, schools and cities are being shut down by the government in order to slow the spread of the deadly virus. Things are looking pretty bleak. We could go to bed and hide under the covers and pretend like none of this is happening but that would not solve the problems we are facing.

When I first heard about this deadly virus and the possibility of the government imposing a quarantine, I was very concerned. My oldest daughter was living 30 hours from home. As a military officer she was told that all members of the armed services would have a limited window before a travel ban would be put in place. I was filled with worry, doubt and fear that my daughter would be quarantined in some remote area far from home. I began fretting about many things that hadn’t happened yet and the fear was overcoming my ability to think rationally. I was feeling the dark settling in and I realized that I was not using the skills that I had learned in my Mindset Mastery class. I remembered that according to The Law of Rythm, when I feel down, I can be grateful, knowing that there is an uprising coming. I held on to that belief and I simply prayed for my daughter and believed in faith that all would work out.

Since then my daughter traveled home safely with no complications and has been with us for over a week now. We have played board games, watched movies, and enjoyed a wonderful time together as a family. It rang true! What was seeming like a terrible situation became a time of peace, comfort and a lot of laughter in our home.

I am so grateful that I have learned these laws and now know that although we are often faced with struggles in life, we can take comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. Just like spring will come at the end of winter and the sun will rise again in the morning after the moon has lit up the night sky. There is a dawn coming. The warmth of summer is headed our way. We must only believe and cling to gratitude.


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