Stop It!

By Jimi Teague

I sat on the floor of my kitchen. Tears soaked the white, fuzzy collar of my pink flannel robe. It was more than I could handle. As I write this, I can’t honestly remember what I thought had caused the breakdown but the truth is that it was a combination of hormones, depression and grief. It had collided into a bomb of self-pity and a belief that I couldn’t overcome the day.

I messaged a friend and waxed poetically about the state I was in. She simply said “Stop it!”. That was a completely inappropriate way to respond to a friend suffering with depression but it made me laugh out loud and through the tears a smile spread across my face. She wasn’t being calloused or inconsiderate of what I was going through. It was a reference to an inside joke that jarred me out of the downward spiral I believed I was stuck in. By making me laugh, she helped me snap back to reality and made me switch channels from the depths of despair to roaring laughter. Ultimately, she changed my vibration.

The Law of Vibration states that everything is in a state of vibration, and also that vibration is a medium for transferring signals. If you’ve ever listened to the radio you know that in order to get the channel you want, you have to change the dial and tune in to the right frequency. Basically, our minds work the same way. If we are in a state of negative emotion, then we are vibrating at that frequency and we will be in tune to and attract negativity. Have you ever stepped into a room where someone was very angry and you could literally feel it before they spoke? Or maybe you’ve been around someone that is kind and seems to bring a sense of calm peace wherever they are.

In the book “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters“, Leslie Householder states that according to The “Law of Vibration, your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you.” According to this description my friend helped me to tune into a frequency of positivity or change the channel in my mind and apply positive emotion so that I immediately attracted thoughts that were healthy and positive instead of dark and demeaning.

I challenge you if ever there is a time when the darkness starts to creep in, raise your vibration and apply positive emotion. Some ways to raise your vibration are to read scripture, listen to uplifting and encouraging music or a podcast. Watch tv shows that are funny and encouraging or reach out to a friend that knows the right thing to say. These are all ways to raise your vibration and attract positive, healthy things into your life, including uplifting thoughts. Be aware of what frequency you are dialing in to and try to keep your thoughts positive.


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