Growth Spurts and the Laws

There is a story that Steve Harvey tells with a profound lesson that can be applied to many situations. He describes how he had an old car up on blocks sitting in his driveway. He had a very positive outlook on getting a new car. He worked hard and saved his money but it wasn’t until he got rid of the old car that he was able to get a new one. I believe this story is one example of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity states “that nature abhors a vacuum.” Make room for the thing you desire by letting go of that which you do not appreciate or use. Give it away with a giving, charitable heart, and let the Universe compensate you.

I recently experienced a chain reaction of this law. I experienced a sudden growth spurt and had very few clothes that fit me. I went through my closet and boxed up everything that either didn’t fit or that I knew I was never going to wear again. I decided what clothes I wanted to replace my old clothes and was grateful for the new clothes I knew that I would receive. I put the boxes of old clothes in my truck and honestly, they stayed there for a few weeks until a friend’s sister lost her home to a fire. She lost everything and desperately needed clothes exactly the size I had been hauling around in my truck.

I was able to supply her with a complete wardrobe covering all seasons and occasions from work clothes to sweats. It was already boxed up and in my truck so I was able to simply take it to her and it felt amazing to be able to bless her. On the way home I got a call from my aunt. She was moving and needed help. As I was helping her pack up her belongings she showed me a box of clothing that she no longer had room for and wanted me to take them. In those boxes were exactly the clothes that I needed to replace what I had given away and were exactly the right size.

I challenge you to consider what you want in your life and then take a look at what things, ideas or people may be taking up unnecessary space. Letting go with a charitable heart is sometimes exactly what we need to welcome blessings into our lives.

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