Joining the Army

By Denise Wallace

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. For every bad situation there is something of equal or greater good or benefit on its way.

After about 7 years into our marriage my husband started having a feeling like there was more, we should be doing in life. We were comfortable, had a nice home and were just floating through life. Well, about a week or 2 after voicing to me that he felt there was more for us to do he just was not sure what. He received notice that his job was being dissolved and he had about 2 weeks to find something else.

I was a very panicked because I don’t like unknowns but I knew I could pick up more shifts at the hospital if needed. My husband is very resourceful and he found a new job within a week of finding out he was out of a job. But this transition required a move to a new state, and I had to start working full time to make up for the loss of income.

We lived in a small trailer with 2 of our children for 4 months while we relocated and worked out all the logistics of finding a home. And because of the move I had to let go of my oldest son who was 13 at the time. He chose to stay in Utah and live with his dad rather than move with us.

Life got harder and harder for us as we lived in Las Vegas, at least for me it did. At the time I just could not understand why our lives had to change so much for the worse. Working in Las Vegas as an ICU Nurse was very tough and stressful for me. I would go 3-4 days a week in a row without seeing my family, due to the long hours I worked.

I remember feeling so depressed and angry that our life had come to this. We were not living we were just surviving. After 2 years of this strenuous life style we got word that my husband was to deploy for a year. By this point I was so exhausted and worn down and adding the upcoming deployment was too much so we started making arrangements for me to move to Utah to live with my mom and she would help me raise the boys while my husband was gone.

My husband had been applying to come on board with the Army full time for about 7 years and was always passed up, but every year he faithfully put in his application, in hopes of coming on board. Well just before his Unit was to deploy, he got word that he was being picked up full time and we would be moving to North Carolina within the month. My husband did not deploy and I was able to quit my job right away.

Those 2 years in Las Vegas were tough but just as the Law of Polarity states, as things are tough there is equal or greater blessings. We were able to learn so many life lessons in those 2 years that we lived in Las Vegas that have helped us immensely and have prepared us for other experience’s that we have had.

I did not know at the time all the things I was being prepared for and I did not understand why life was so hard. I always kept moving and have been very blessed now to be able to be home and raise my children. We have also had the opportunity to move and live in some fun places like New York and Hawaii.

I am always grateful for the difficult times because I know there is an upswing and there is something from the difficult times that can become good every time. The quicker I remember this the easier it is to tolerate the bad times.


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