50 Days of Joy

By Denice Wallace

The Law of Vibration has really been a fun Law for me to experiment with. The Law of Vibration simply states that your thoughts control your personal vibration. If we have a thought and add an emotion to that thought then that is what will be attracted to you.

For example, we went on a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii, while there we took an adventurous boat ride that took us snorkeling and to look at the lava tubes and hopefully, we would see some dolphins or other sea animals along this tour.  I decided as we were getting on the boat that I really wanted to see the Dolphin’s up close.

So, I closed my eyes and pictured Dolphins swimming and jumping all around our boat. It was so exciting and I felt so much joy at seeing all the Dolphins. I pictured my kids squealing with glee at the show we were getting. 

I then said, “I am so happy and grateful we got to see the Dolphins play today,” I then just enjoyed the whole trip. As we were heading back to shore at the end of our tour, we had not seen the Dolphins, but I said a prayer of thankfulness to the wonderful day we had had as a family and for the neat experiences that we did get to have.

Just before we came to shore our boat captain got word that the Dolphins were up and playing in a bay nearby. So, he drove us into the bay and we were able to see them swimming all around us jumping in and out of the water. It was better than I had imagined it, and my kids were delighted, it was so much fun.

I have used this Law numerous times to help me find things that I have lost, to getting just the right birthday present for a child. I even acquired a Fridge/Freezer for free. As long as I have not entertained any doubt about what I am seeking for (Law of Perpetual Transmutation) it will eventually happen (Law of Gestation). So far, it has happened every single time.

Feeling emotion is really the key, the emotion is what changes your vibration and sends out invisible signals or a wave of energy which goes out and seeks whatever you are in tune with. 

I actually did an experiment for about 3 months. I recorded for 50 days and reported it on my social media every day. It was a segment called 100 days of Joy (I took a social media fast after 50 days and just have not been on it as much since). No matter what my day was like weather good or bad things happened. I had to find something good out of the day and feel grateful for it and not mention or give any thought to the bad to anyone. At first it was a real stretch to find the good.

For example, I would walk into a total disaster of a house; my first reaction would be to start yelling at everyone to get cleaning. But instead I ignored the mess and praised my kids for playing so well with each other. Instead of getting frustrated about all the things I did not accomplish I started noticing and listing to all the things I did accomplish.

By intentionally choosing each day to find the joy in life. I set myself up to be in a vibration of joy. After a few weeks of doing this it was so easy to find joy in everything and I was able to see the positives in everything around me. I noticed that the fighting went down in our home, my kids played nicer with each other and even my husband started spending more of his free time doing activities with the kids and myself.

It has been about 7 months now since I did that experiment and I am still able to look past all the negatives and find the good in all of our situations along with feeling more love and appreciation for each of my family members. I remember asking my 6-year-old to go clean his room and he joyfully came to me a short time later just beaming that he had accomplished the task. As I checked his room you could not see the floor with the exception of this little path from the door to the bed and I gave him so much praise for the great job he did.

My husband thought I was nuts, in the past I would have told him what a terrible job it was and had him redo it. But now I am happy to report that the same 6-year-old can now go in his room and organize and put everything away and stored where it belongs. I used to scream and yell at my kids to get things done but now I just praise and point out the good accomplishments. I am finding that this works way better to bring about peace and the end result that I am ultimately looking for.

We have the ability to change our vibration to whatever it is we seek, and understanding this law has made all the difference in every aspect of my life, from my relationships with others to finding lost items, to running for a big goal it works for everything.


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