Weathering the Storm

By Denice Wallace

The Law of Rhythm states that when you feel down, be grateful and know that by law there is an upswing coming. Which basically means that for every time we are down, we can guarantee that there will be an up. It is a rhythm or pattern. Whenever there is a storm it eventually goes away and then it is calm. I have found that during these times of down in my life I seem to weather the storm much better by looking forward to the end. 

For example, when I was going to Nursing School, I was a divorced and a single mom. I knew that school was going to be really tough because not only did I have to get through it but I had to support and care for my child as well. But knowing how long school would take I was able to see an end date to all the struggles I was going through.

Just by knowing there was an end date made that particular trial bearable and I was able to complete the program. After wards I quickly secured a job and life seemed to level out and I was able to take a breather before my next big trial in my life. We don’t always know the end date to our different trails in life, but just knowing that there is a Rhythm guarantees that an up swing is coming so we can just look forward to that upswing while in the midst of the storm. 

Another example is when my husband was deployed to Iraq. He left when I was 3 months pregnant and was gone for 18 months. At this time in my life I had a 10-year-old son, I was 3 months pregnant and I worked on the Cardiac floor as an RN. Soon after my husband left I started having complications with my pregnancy and I had to take a leave of absence from work and go on periodic bed rests.

It was a very difficult situation and add to that the worry of my husband being in a war zone. I could very easily have made this next 18 months miserable but I knew that the pregnancy would only last 6 more months and my husband would only be gone for 18 months. I could have spent my days in worry but that would not have helped anyone get through this trial. We chose to make the best of the situation.

We set up Skype times over the internet with my husband we even Skyped our Christmas morning so my husband could be a part of Christmas with us. I chose not to stew over the things my husband was going through because I needed to be sane for my son and for the wellbeing of the baby I was carrying. After I had the baby my sister was able to move in with me to help with the baby.

I was able to start back to work part time and we got into a great routine which really helped the time pass by with my husband gone.  When my husband came home it was a wonderful homecoming then another series of trials to go through as we got him acclimated back to civilian world and a new 1 year old he had not met in person before. By law there is always an upswing we may not know the exact end date like I did in these examples but you can have faith that there will be one.

Just knowing that has helped me so many times to get through a hard situation. As we are going through these tough times the quicker we can become grateful and keep a positive outlook I know we weather the storm much quicker and come out of it happier because by law there is always an upswing.


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