Opposition in All Things

By Doug Lange

My family and I went through two-and-a-half years of unemployment during our great recession. As hard as it was, it is also one of the greatest experiences of my life. I would not want to stand in line for seconds, but it is most definitely one of the biggest learning and growth experiences of my life. My family and I truly learned to distinguish between needs and wants. We pulled together and became a much stronger family from it. We learned to be resourceful and to make things last. For me, it was one of the greatest revelatory experiences of my life. I received more inspiration and personal revelation during this time than I have at any other time in my life. I gained great insights into life, relationships, trials, and I especially learned a lot about myself. I truly know from my experiences that God lives and that His Son Jesus Christ was born, atoned for sins, died on the cross and was resurrected. I know that He lives today!

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. Pain exists only because joy exists. Happiness exists only because sadness exists. Good times exist only because bad times exist. When something bad happens to us, the Law of Polarity states that within that bad is something good. What that means is that all these unfortunate and trying times are really for our good. Or at least, we can make them that way by looking for the good in them. My experiences have shown me that there truly is good in everything bad that happens to us. We simply need to choose to see the good and not the bad.

The Law of Polarity also states that the good that is within the bad is of equal degree to the bad. If it is only kind of bad, then it is only kind of good. If it is catastrophic then you can expect something hugely good within it.

Two-and-a-half years of unemployment and all that goes with that was really really challenging. But, for me, there was equal to or greater good in the experience because of the growth and learning that I experienced. I believe that if my experience had only been mildly challenging then I would have received only mildly good from it. Because it was as difficult as it was, I received more good than I ever have in my life. The good wasn’t in money but rather in learning and growth and strength in my family.

Opposition is a natural part of our lives, and when we realize this it makes it easier to deal with our difficult times. I have found that when I take a step back to look for the good in my bad experiences, I am much stronger and more able to handle the challenges. This has been the key for me. I have to focus on the good from the experience and not the bad. When I focus on the bad, bad seems to continue. When I focus on the good then more good seems to happen. I am able to look beyond the challenge and see the good in it. When we are able to look beyond the bad in our challenges then our challenges start to become irritants and not the devastating experiences we make them out to be.

The Law of Polarity helps us to think more positively during our challenging times. This law helps us to get through those difficult days and trying times. We never know how things are going to work out for us. But, if we focus on thinking right, then the bad times aren’t so bad any more.

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