It’s All About Perspective

By Doug Lange

The Law of Relativity states that nothing in life is inherently good or bad, they just are. We are the ones who add meaning to things and our experiences. Our experiences are bad only because we compare them to experiences that are good.

Andy Andrews, author of The Noticer, said “Happiness is not about circumstances, it is about perspective. And, perspective is a matter of how we choose to see things, and how we see things is a matter of choice.” The Law of Relativity is all about perspective. And, perspective is a matter of how we choose to see things. It is about what we choose to see and how we choose to see them.

Two people can go through the exact same experience and one will come out negative and bitter over it while the other will come out positive and happy. Why? Because they both have chosen to look at the same situation differently. Marriage is a great example of this. One spouse can look at their marriage as difficult and full of problems. After all, there is ample evidence all around giving proof to the difficulties in the marriage. The other spouse, though, can look at the same evidence and see the good in it. That spouse can see the same evidence and believe that they have a great marriage. After all, other couples are splitting up and they are still together in spite of all the challenges they have.

I recognize in myself that I have the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. I find it very easy to see the negative and to focus on the negative. I have experienced that when I do this, then more negative things happen in my life. When I have chosen to see the good in everything though, I have been the most happiest. I have found that I can think more positively and be more cheerful. I can find happiness in many situations. Because of this, I find that I can endure problems better than most. I can see the problems for what they are in my life, which is that they are there to help me grow and to help me become the person that I am supposed to become. My problems become a source for strength and growth. When I think more positively each and every day, then more positive things happen for me. My problems don’t go away, and sometimes I think they become even bigger. But, I can endure them better because I am choosing to see them in a more positive light.

The Law of Relativity also helps us to be more grateful. Instead of the “Woe is me” attitude it is more of a “Wow, think of the person I am going to become when I get through this” attitude. It is sad to say, but other individual’s trials make me happy. They make me happy because they are their trials and not mine. My trials seem small compared to theirs, and I would much rather have mine than theirs. When I can find someone who is worse off than I am, this helps me to put my problems and experiences into a more positive perspective.

I believe that we can have gratitude for our current circumstances no matter how bad they may be. And, by having gratitude for our current circumstances, we are preparing ourselves for even greater blessings. After all, how can we be blessed with greater blessings when we can’t be grateful for the ones we have?

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