Getting Tires For My Car

By Doug Lange

The tires on our Suburban were very worn with little to no tread on them. But, we couldn’t afford to buy new tires because at that time I had been unemployed for almost two years. We had no money coming into our home and everything was very tight.

As I was learning about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation I decided to put it to the test by seeing if I could manifest getting new tires for our Suburban. I wrote down my goal with a date at the top. I expressed gratitude for having the tires that we had, and I also expressed gratitude for the miracle that allowed us to get the new tires. I stated that we only wanted the new tires so we could feel peaceful and secure driving our family around especially with the upcoming winter season. I could see in my mind’s eye our Suburban being lifted up on the hoist and seeing the new tires put on. I could see in my mind’s eye my wife and our children being excited and happy that we had new tires. I could feel the peace and the happiness for this miracle happening for us.

The date that I had written down on the goal came and went. I started to get frustrated and even experienced moments of embarrassment over this, but I believed that this could really happen, and I knew that I needed to hang in there and not give up. I kept visualizing, feeling and believing.

During this time a friend of mine offered me some very part-time work, which I accepted. It was low wages and very part time, but it was more than I had. After a few weeks I had a couple of checks from him that I had yet to cash. About this time another friend offered me some additional very part-time work, which I accepted.

Shortly after this we received a coupon in the mail from a tire store and my wife suggested we go and look at what it would cost us to get new tires. We went to the store and found out that it was going to cost us $485 for new tires. Our tires were so bad that my wife said that we just needed to do it. So, we did.

We left the car there and went home. I realized that I had yet to cash the two checks from my one friend, and I had just received another check from my other friend. I added them up and they came to $450. I felt good about this even though we were going to have to pay an additional $35 for the tires, which we didn’t have. When I went to pick up our Suburban and pay for the tires, the attendant told us that we could get an additional discount if we were to get a credit card with them and put the charges on the card. I didn’t think I could qualify for a credit card because I had been unemployed for two years. But, we did qualify, and with the additional discount our tires ended up costing us $446. I couldn’t believe it! It was so amazing to me.

Being unemployed, the money we used for the tires could have been used for so many other things. So, one may argue that we really didn’t manifest new tires for our vehicle. Or, it could be that I wasn’t specific enough in my goal to include money for bills. Nevertheless, we received exactly what I had written down and visualized.

I learned a few things from this experience. I learned that the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, meaning the process of bringing our ideas and thoughts from the idea stage to reality, is real and really does work. I learned that we have to be specific and clear about what we want. Most importantly, I learned about the power that belief plays in bringing about our goals. A person can write down their goal and visualize it all day long, but if you don’t believe it will happen, then it never will. What we believe will be. We have to completely and without reservation take it as real and true that what we are desiring will come to pass. Then, after we have done all that we are required to do, our goal will become reality.

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