Dreams to Come True

By Doug Lange

The Law of Gestation states that every seed has a gestation period, which is the period of time that it takes a seed to reach its full maturity. Seeds need to be in the right environment in order for them to develop and reach their full maturity. Outside of this environment the seed may die, or its gestation period is extended.

Ideas, or dreams, also have their gestation, or incubation, period. And, when placed in the right environment and hung onto, the idea or dream will develop and become reality. Ideas and dreams have to be nurtured correctly through positive thoughts, visualization, and feelings and then moving our feet to make the dream a reality. When we allow negative thoughts and doubt to creep in, we will either kill the dream or at a minimum extend the period of time in which it takes for the dream to become reality.

We don’t know what the gestation, or incubation, period is for our ideas and dreams. But, if we do our part by believing in the idea and moving ourselves towards it, the more sure we can be of it becoming reality.

A couple of years after my wife and I moved into our first house, she said that there was a particular city close to us that she would like to live in someday. That city was known as an expensive place to buy a home. With my income, I couldn’t see us moving there any time in the near future.

We had a practice of going out looking at homes and lots on the weekends. In this process, my wife developed a sense for the type of home that she wanted. One Saturday, while driving down the road, we saw some dirt moving equipment off in the distance and assumed that it was a new development being started. We drove over there and really liked the area. We drove over there several times trying to find out who was developing that property. We could tell where some of the lots were going to be and we had an area that we especially liked. Once we discovered who the developer was, we called them and they faxed over to us a plot of the development. A number of the lots were marked out, which included the lot that we wanted. When we called the developer they informed us that those lots had already been sold to home builders. I was pretty frustrated that they had first pick on the lots.

My family and I drove over to that area many times watching it being developed. We would park our car in front of the lot that we wanted and would just admire the surroundings. My wife would talk about the type of home that she wanted to build on that lot. A few months later, I decided to call the developer again and ask about that particular lot. He told me that my timing was bad because he had just sold it that morning. I explained that I thought it had already been sold to a home builder and he told me that the builder had backed out some time ago. I was even more frustrated now because we had missed out a second time. While on the phone the salesman told me that I could give him my name and number and if the other couple didn’t show up with the earnest money within the next two days, we could have the lot. Two days later the salesman called me to say that the lot is ours if we wanted it. We rushed down there with our earnest money. We were so excited and scared. The dirt alone was a lot of money.

Through a series of other miracles, we started building our home a lot sooner than we had expected. We not only built the house we wanted but we were also able to build it in the city in which she wanted to live. And, on top of all of this, we were able to pay cash for the house! That, was totally unexpected and a huge blessing for us.

It took us several years to bring this dream to fruition, but it did come, and it came in a big way. The Law of Gestation helps us to be patient and calm. Faith and believing help us to keep moving and expecting the dream to become a reality.

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