How to Live Intentionally

By Doug Lange

If everything that goes on inside of us, our thoughts and emotions, could be outwardly manifested in a musical note, and everything that goes on outside of us, our life’s circumstances, could be outwardly manifested in a musical note, we would discover that these two notes create a chord and are in perfect harmony with each other.

Think about it, we are where we are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially because of how we think. Our thoughts and emotions directly influence who we are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. This is because we have invited these circumstances into our lives by what goes on inside of us, specifically our thoughts and emotions.

The Law of Vibration states that everything has a vibration. It has been scientifically proven that all things have a vibration, an energy that is specific to the nature of a particular item. Even our thoughts, our emotions, and our ideas have a vibration. The vibration that goes on inside of us attracts a similar vibration outside of us. The evidence of the type of vibration that goes on inside of us is our life’s circumstances, who we are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Look at the people you know. Do you know of anyone whose life is the complete opposite of how they think? Do you know of anyone who has a scarcity mentality when it comes to money yet is wealthy? Or, someone who is constantly negative yet has close friends who are happy?

If we are not happy with our life’s circumstances, if our lives are not what we want them to be, then we have to change what is going on inside of us first. By changing what is going on inside of us first we are changing our vibration. And, when we focus our thoughts and emotions on those things that we want or need, then we are changing the vibration inside of us and putting ourselves in harmony with what we want and need. We are starting to attract into our lives people and resources that will help bring about what we desire.

When my wife and I were first married, I told her to not expect us to ever be rich and to have much. I told her that my dad worked two and, at times, three jobs just to make ends meet, and I expected myself to be the same way. This is actually kind of ridiculous because I specifically went on to get my Master’s Degree so I wouldn’t have to work two and three jobs like my dad. But, that is what my mindset was when I got married. Even with all of my education, I expected to have to work hard just to make ends meet.

I remember my wife laughing at me when I told her not to expect us to be rich. Even though she came from a very similar background as I did, she told me that I needed to start thinking differently. She believed that we could have more than our parents did, and be more than our parents were. I have to say that I started believing simply because she believed. And, her belief was contagious.

Even though we didn’t know at that time that we were changing our vibratory state, we were starting to think right. We knew the type of house we wanted and the type of neighborhood in which we wanted to live. My wife knew what type of vehicles she wanted to drive. All of these things came to pass. They took some time, but they all happened. We didn’t know how they were going to happen at that time, but we set the goals, thought right, believed they would happen, and the way opened for us to accomplish our goals.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all living this Law of Vibration. Once we become aware of this law and put it into practice in our lives, we are then living purposefully; we are living an intentional life.

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