Why It Is So Great When Something Bad Happens?

By Katie Vrajich

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite of equal measure. If you walk right 5 steps, to get back you have to walk left 5 steps. What goes up, must come down the same distance. That is true for everything else in your life also. Whatever is “good” is also equally “bad”, and whatever is “bad” is equally “good”. We are the ones that attach the meaning.

Corrie Ten Boom tells of when she was in a concentration camp. They were miserable because of all of the fleas that they had in their bed. They couldn’t do anything about it and they hated it! It wasn’t until later that they figured out how great those fleas were. Because of the fleas, their bunkhouse was the only one that the German soldiers didn’t bother. It also allowed them to study their Bible. So all of a sudden something that could initially seem bad, seemed really, really good.

A very small example from my life happened yesterday. I have a 2-year-old and a nursing 5 month old that still wakes up several times a night. So far, naps have been crucial to my survival. Yesterday during nap time I got woken up out of very deep sleep by the doorbell ringing. I was extremely tired, so I didn’t even get up, but then I couldn’t fall back asleep.

My initial reaction was to get really frustrated about it. If I had done that, then I would have laid in bed for an hour trying to fall back asleep and all the while panicking because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I have done this so many times that I can’t count. Instead, I remembered the law of polarity and remembered that everything that is bad is equally good. I chose to look for the good.

What I found was an hour of quiet time to meditate, visualize and do some work. By the end of nap time I was much more energized than I would have been had I taken a nap! Everything that comes to us is just data being input into our brain. We can choose to attach a positive meaning or a negative meaning.

By law everything has an equal amount of good and bad in it. With that in mind, think about how great it is when something really “bad” happens. The worse something looks, the more good there is in it also. Look for the good and more good will come! It is all about choosing our thoughts, all of the time. Look for something great in every situation! If all else fails, there is always the “I-learned-so-much” benefit, because truly life is about learning and growth. So get to it! What can you find good in right now?

To Success!

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Katie Vrajich

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