Life Begins at 40

I’ve always heard that Life Begins at 40, and I must say, what I received on my 40th birthday certainly did breathe new life into me.

I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to all who have responded (and to those who are still responding!) to my husband’s sneaky request earlier this week.

How he pulled it off is still a mystery to me – I pride myself in being smarter than the average bear – but somehow, he pulled it off!!!


You know those really bad days, when you feel like nothing you do is meaningful, and your life feels like it’s one blundered mess, and no matter what you do or think, it seems impossible to pull out of it?

I have those days, too. (Law of Rhythm!) There’s a force that tries to prevent ALL of us from pressing forward with faith, and I, personally, am very well acquainted with it.

In fact, there were some days even earlier this month when I was overwhelmed with such heavy feelings of despair – that I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, or disciplined enough to achieve my own next goal.

So I hope you can picture this… on Wednesday, (my birthday) here’s what happened:

  1. My kids woke me up with breakfast in bed – YUM!
  2. I worked on some loose ends in my business that had been hovering over me for more than 6 months, and it was MY present to myself to just knock them out once and for all – WHEW!
  3. My friends took me to lunch – YUM!
  4. I spent a couple hours at a special place where I like to peacefully ponder the things that are most important to me – A GREAT way to spend a birthday 🙂
  5. My husband took me to dinner with some friends – YUM!
  6. Then he dragged me to their house so he could work on their computer (holding me up from going home to party with my kids) – GRRRR…
  7. …where I discovered a BIG surprise party for me… WITH my kids, extended family, and several dear friends – HOLY COW!!

Just when I thought the day was as perfect as it could be, I was blown away. But the BEST part was when he interrupted the festivities to tell me about the book he was compiling, and the letter he sent to you, and how overcome HE was by the response pouring in from all over the world.

That’s when I lost it. As we read some of the messages that had come in from my readers, I was undone, and wept like a baby. You have no idea how surprised and overwhelmed I was by your outpouring of love.

This book now sits on my nightstand. I do get warm feedback often enough – but this book is full of stories and experiences, even from people I’ve NEVER heard from before.

You have NO IDEA how much it means to me, to learn that something I’ve done has helped you in your life.

It is a treasured gift that I will turn to, anytime I forget why I do what I do, or when I feel like it’s just too hard to keep doing it.


I think we have no idea how much power is contained in a simple note, a simple expression of gratitude. I thought I understood that principle before, but now I “get it” on a whole new level.

I hope to express gratitude more freely to those who make a difference in my life, now that I have experienced first-hand how needed, and how appreciated, it really is.

If you think YOUR story is insignificant, think again. I cherish every single solitary story and expression of gratitude I receive, and will continue to lean on them when I feel weary. Even those coming in late are being saved and treasured. Thank you!

And if you feel weary in doing good, remember and believe: people need you to do what you do. Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap, if you faint not.

Very sincerely,

Leslie Householder

Leslie Householder
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