Anxiety Medication and the Laws

By Jennifer De Azevedo 

Disclaimer: the following is not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication.


I have been on anxiety medicine for the past 8 years. At the time, it was a necessary evil that helped me get through some very difficult things. But, in recent years, I’ve tried to get off them. Little did I know it would prove very difficult to accomplish that task. Anxiety medicines usually take time to get started. You have to begin by taking a little at a time and increasing your dose until you find the right one. 

Getting off the medicine is no different, except now your body is accustomed to the medicine so it feels like coming off an addiction with headaches, nausea, fogginess, etc. Every time I have attempted to get off them, I was unsuccessful. I once had a doctor tell me she had tried to get off a similar medicine and it was so horrible she decided she would just stay on it forever! 

This news was unacceptable to me! I decided I was going to get off this medicine and I was going to feel good while doing it. In order to do that, I was going to need to employ the Law of Vibration. This law states that everything in the world is in a state of vibration, including us. When your vibration is compatible with the frequency of the thing you desire, you’ll resonate with it and come together. 

I started imagining tiny particles of the medicine emptying from my brain and body into my bloodstream and urine. I pictured it coming out of my pores and sweat as I worked out. I drank tons of fluids and pictured it flushing everything out of my system. As I brought my dosage down, whenever I would start to feel a headache or nausea, I’d stop and quickly imagine everything leaving my body and feeling good.

Immediately, I would start to feel better and the discomfort would completely go away or become small and insignificant. This was a tricky challenge for me because I’d tried to get off the medicine so many times and given up. But because of what I’ve learned, I decided I was not going to let previous experience deter me from enjoying the success I wanted and deserved.

I am stunned how it well it worked! This experience showed me that anything really is possible and to not pre-judge something before you try it. We have so much more control over our circumstance than we give ourselves credit for.


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