God Will Supply

By Alyson Porter

Unconditional love and receiving.  

So I learned something really powerful  and that is about unconditional receiving.  We all know about unconditional love right?  But what about being willing to receive something without having to put hustle and grind behind it.  Without having to earn it.  Have you ever struggled with that?  Did you feel like the only way that you would feel worthy of blessings or receiving something would be if you worked for it, and deserve it?  Sounds familiar? I know.  I felt the same way.  I felt like if I could just white knuckle my way through then somehow I would reach my goals and everything I was striving for.  I felt like if I didn’t work for it I didn’t deserve it.   Until a dear friend of mine pointed out that I had a problem with unconditional receiving.  I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time receiving if I had something to do with it, or I worked for it…but just to get something for nothing was such a foreign concept to me.

If you look at the atonement of Jesus Christ that was freely given to us.  We can’t earn it, we can’t work for it.  There is no way we even deserve it.  And yet it is ours.  It is a gift from a loving brother and Father in Heaven.  Think about a tree.  A tree is blessed just for being a tree.  It doesn’t have to worry about anything…it just soaks up the water into it’s roots, it grows effortlessly.  And it knows that everything (the sun, water, soil) is all for it’s benefit and growth.  And so it uses it and flourishes.  It doesn’t complain, or apologize for taking…it just grows. 

What if we looked at our relationship with God that way.  What if we realized that God just wants to bless us, not because we deserve it, but because he is our Dad, and we are His children.   And we need to stop trying so hard to grow…we need to just be.  Becoming abundant, rich and prosperous isn’t about material things…it’s about a state of being.  It’s knowing that everything we need is provided for us by a loving Heavenly Father who is excited for our growth and becoming who He has always known us to be!  And we can take inspired action guided by Him that will lead us where He wants us to go.  We never have to do it alone.  

“My God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19


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  1. Fred

    While this article is not particularly bad, there is a concern with some of Alyson’s other writings. The prosperity gospel takes a few verses from the Bible and twists them to make everything about making money and yourself, instead of the true gospel. It is a dangerous path to take and many Pastors have used it to manipulate large fortunes out of the gullible.

    The Philippians 4:19 verse cited above has been used as a blank check verse to get rich by God, this is not what it means. Because the Philippians had been so generous in their Christian giving, God would meet their needs as well. They gave out of their poverty, and God was going to meet their needs. He was going to supply their food and clothing. This does not mean you can cite this verse, give Kenneth Copeland your life savings, and now you get a new jet and Lamborghini.

    1. Alyson Porter

      Wow – thanks for calling this to my attention! I never considered that a person might read it that way. This is great that you shared your perspective because that gives me a chance to make some edits to clarify how I really feel about Jesus Christ and his gospel.

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