Steps to Overcome Money Blocks

By Alyson Porter

Finding peace, love & joy when it comes to making and keeping money.

There are 2 types of money.  Happy money and sad money.  Happy money is the kind of money that you receive and spend that makes you happy and it’s easy to be with.   Sad money is the money that you are worried about, angry with or the money you can’t live without.  And every time it leaves your bank account you have a panic attack because you don’t know if you will ever see it again.  

Think about which type of money you associate yourself with.  Is it happy money? Or sad money?  Money is energy that is all around us.  It’s like the air we breathe.  And God wants us to have abundance and money in our lives because as we do we can bless more people and make this world a better place.  So here are some steps you can take to help you overcome your money blocks.

  1.  See the gift exercise
    1. Remember a time when you had a bad situation happen around money.
    2. Go back to the scene and feel yourself back there again
    3. Look at the scene as an observer.
    4. Consider which gifts came from that situation that you may not have seen before.
  2. Check your beliefs
    1. What limiting beliefs do you have around making and keeping money?
    2. Change the “limiting” beliefs to the opposite-  “limitless” beliefs 
    3. Did these beliefs come from you or from your family?  If they came from you…let them go…if they came from a family member…give them back…they don’t belong to you!
    4. Journal, pray and meditate
  3.  Say thank you (have gratitude) to your money as it comes in and as it goes out.  Think of money as a person…someone that you need to show love and respect to.
    1. It’s important to be grateful for what you have and how you are helping others. when you can let go of your money and let it circulate a little bit more, then more is able to come back to you!

If you master these 3 things– your relationship with making and keeping money will flourish!  See the gifts, check your beliefs, and have gratitude.  And then go bless the world!  Because God will use who is ready as an instrument in his hands.  And you want that person to be you!    Being a millionaire or being rich isn’t a dollar amount it’s a state of being.


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