$300 Rug

By Alyson Porter

The Vacuum law of prosperity says that in order to attract whatever it is you desire to be, do or have in your life, you have to make room for it.  This means learning how to release the old limiting belief and thought patterns that are keeping you from receiving.  

So there was this one time where I really wanted a rug for my office.  We had converted the dining room into my office and it had all hard wood floors.  I really really wanted a rug to make it feel not so cold and bare.  We had gone to quite a few stores and I found ones that I liked and even loved but they were all WAY out of budget…so sadly I went home, feeling defeated.   So I just prayed and envisioned the run that I wanted.   I knew that somehow it would show up at the right time.  

I kept believing that the rug would show up, a couple of weeks went by and then I got a call from someone in our church asking if we wanted to come over for dinner.  Of course we said yes, and we excitedly went over their beautiful home.  I walked into their living room and I saw a beautiful shaggy plush rug.  I asked her where she got it, because I was looking for a rug like that.  And she said–”well actually we are looking to get rid of our rug because we are getting a new one.  Do you want it?  I can give it to you for $50. Is that too much? ”  

I nearly choked.  Was that too much?  The rug was an 8 x 10 rug and was worth at LEAST $300-$400.  And it was very well maintained and was exactly what I was looking for, and was going to be able to get it for $50!  I replied… “No! That would be perfect!”  This is just what I was looking for! Thank you so much!  And within 4 days I had a beautiful rug in my office.  

Sometimes it’s the simple things that we classify as coincidences…but really they are gifts from a loving Heavenly Father.  And because I was willing to continue to believe that the rug was going to come to me because I made room for it, it showed up.  This was just a very small way I was able to experience this true principle.  There are many others I could share, but this one was so simple and yet profound to me, I had to share.


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