Dream Seeds – Understanding the Law of Gender & Gestation

By Denise Webster

My grandfather is a master gardener. At 92, he still prepares the ground, plants, weeds, waters, and harvests. He knows when to plant certain seeds for optimal growth. He knows what pests will destroy what plants. He knows when to water and he knows when to harvest. Each seed is different.

Our thoughts are just like seeds in a garden. There are all different kinds and they need to be planted at different times. Some take longer to grow, others have a short gestation. This is the Law of the Harvest or Law of Gender and Gestation. Gender implies that each seed is a different kind-but will reproduce the same kind it is. Gestation implies that there is a time frame involved, much like a mother expecting a child. We know approximately when a baby will be due, but it comes on the day it is ready.

When you think about your thoughts as seeds, imagine them being planted and needing time to grow and mature. Some only need a short time to develop, others will need more time. Good and positive thoughts will produce good and positive food. Negative and bad thoughts will produce negative and bad food. For example, how many times have you eaten something and thought, “This is going to make me fat?” You have just planted a seed that will produce that thought. Have you ever been told or told a child, “put on your coat or you will get sick!” What seed did you just plant? The reality is that they will get cold, but they don’t HAVE to get sick. Cold does not cause sickness. Have you ever planted a dream seed? Have you pictured the job you want, the house, the car, the spouse? Have you looked around to see what seeds you have planted?

It is very important to understand this law that states-“Plant your own idea seeds, and then be patient. Don’t uproot your idea seed with doubt.” For as you plant a seed (dream) and give it time to grow, you will reap the harvest of that dream seed.

Another thing to understand about seeds-they do not stress and worry about where their food is coming from. They just lie still knowing that God will provide all they need to become healthy and strong. Everything it needs to grow comes to it without stress or strain. Do you know that God works the same way with you and your dream seeds? Sometimes we get caught up in the worry about HOW we are going to accomplish our goals and dreams instead of turning it over to God and letting Him guide us in the HOW.

Recently, my husband was planning to attend a seminar in California. Money was very tight and I wasn’t sure HOW we could do it. But I knew it was important in reaching our goals and dreams, so I just figured things would all work out. He was planning to drive down and back with one night in a hotel. About a week before, he called our friend who was also going because he works for the company. Our friend told my husband, “Just ride with me. I have a rental car and a hotel room already that is paid by the company.” I thought “WOW! That just saved us a bunch of money right there!” I was feeling so grateful that the way was provided by the Lord-the HOW.

Then, a day before they were leaving, our friend called my husband up and said, “Would you mind flying in the company jet with the CEO and his wife instead of driving to LA?” Here is where I learned a great lesson in letting the Lord provide the HOW or the way to accomplish our goals.

In all of my dreams and in all the goal statements I could have written, I NEVER would have thought of flying in a personal jet, let alone with the CEO!! I could not believe how the Lord had blessed us. His HOW really is BIG! His vision is so much greater than ours!

When we plant our dream, allow our mind to lie still, and let God be in control; He truly will lead the way. He knows, on a grander scale HOW we can reach our goals and dreams. There is quite a difference in driving a car and flying in a personal jet. The Lord works bigger and better than we can. He knows all and has the tools for all. We just need to turn it over to Him. He is truly waiting to bless us beyond our expectations!


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Denise Webster

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