Getting the Best Out of Life with the Law of Cause and Effect

By Denise Webster

The Law of Cause and Effect states: “Action and reaction are equal, in opposite directions. Focus on what you can give, not what you will get.” This is also called the Law of the Harvest. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7. Simply put, if you plant seeds of goodness, kindness, love: goodness, kindness and love will come back to you.

If you plant seeds of negativity, anger, revenge, dishonesty, all those things will come back to you. If you plant seeds of wealth and prosperity, then that is what you will receive. If you plant seeds of health and wellness, then that is what you will receive. How do you plant these seeds? It is simply by thought. What you think about is a seed planted. Your emotion is what nourishes it and makes it grow. Therefore, if you have planted a seed of wealth and are really excited and happy about what you see as the outcome, it will be nourished and come to you quickly. Only doubt and fear can stop the growth. The good news is that we can CHOOSE our thoughts.

In November 2007, my husband and I went on a trip to Costa Rica with a group from his supplier. As we were checking in at the airport in Las Vegas (two hours from home), I realized that I left my passports at home in the copier. I was really upset at myself. I felt like had I let my husband down and it would mess up our plans. I knew I had to think better, but was frustrated and trying to figure out how I could get the passports quickly. Seeing my frustration, the lady behind the desk said, “It’s okay. When these things happen, it is probably for a reason.” I was startled by her positive comment and was so appreciative. She was really helpful and did everything she could to help us work out flight arrangements.

My first thoughts after her comment were “maybe there was someone I needed to share the gospel with (a religious thought). My second thought was “OR we’re going to crash and die.” THEN I remembered the lessons I had been learning-specifically the Law of Cause and Effect, “Well, I have a CHOICE! I can choose which thought to focus on.” I chose the first, even though the negative thoughts kept trying to come back. We had a safe and successful trip.

From Costa Rica, we flew to Omaha/Council Bluffs, IA, for our daughter’s national volleyball tournament. In the Omaha airport on the way home, we had too much weight in one of our bags. We started shuffling items to another bag. I closed one bag and lifted it on the scales and turned back to get the other. My husband had grabbed it to lift it up, but it wasn’t zipped and everything dumped out of my suitcase. (Fortunately, there was only one other couple there by us.) I kind of began chuckling under my breath – we start the trip with a “Bang” and end with a “Bang”.

As we loaded the other suitcase on the scales, the lady behind the desk said, “I hope you have a better day!” Instantly I thought, Well, I have a choice! as I was laughing in my mind. I said to her, “Oh, we WILL!” She said, “Wow! That’s a great attitude!” My husband and I just looked at each other and grinned. I said to him as we were walking away, “A dumped suitcase is nothing compared leaving a passport home. She has no clue what a bad day is, huh?” We knew we had a choice. I couldn’t help but think about the difference in the two airline attendants – one offering the assurance that these things can work out for the better and the other thinking, Wow, these people really started their day off bad. What a great lesson about CHOICE!

Here is another example of how the Law of Cause and Effect works. I had been working really hard preparing a spiritual activity for Girls Camp. Girls Camp is a 4 day camp out with girls from ages 12-18 in our church. I wanted to do something special for them, so had been working quite a while on a project. My oldest son said, “Mom! You are spending way too much time on this. Is it even necessary?”

I quickly responded, “You get out of it what you put into it!” We’ve all heard that quote before, but it was then I realized that I was living the Law of the Harvest. I knew that I would reap what I had sown. I had learned from the years of previous camps I had gone to that the camps that were the most successful were the ones I put a lot of time and thought into.

This year was no exception. I have learned that the Law of Cause & Effect is a powerful part in our lives. You get out of life/work/family, EXACTLY what you put into it. (Is that what the “Cats in the Cradle” song is about?) Just remember, that for as hard as you are trying and all the good you do, you will be equally blessed.


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Denise Webster

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