The Law of Rhythm in Action

By Shanna Hoppie

The Law of Rhythm states: What goes up, must come down.

You find this law everywhere in nature – the weather, the waves of the ocean, the seasons of the year, life and death. This is probably a very obvious law to most, but we don’t use it quite to it’s potential. Most people think of the ups and downs (rhythm) of life to be just that, ups and downs. Forever going nowhere but up and down. But I’m here to tell you that this is not necessarily the case. So how do you use it with the Law of Attraction in order to get the things you want in life?

This is the law I struggle with the most. It’s hard to look up when you’re at the bottom. Especially when some bottoms seem to last a long time or are pretty deep. I am sometimes afraid to accept these lows because what if I get so caught up in it that I never get out of being at the bottom? What if it just keeps getting worse?

Someone reminded me of a part in the Harry Potter series where Harry, Ron and Herimone get tangled up in some living, moving vines. The more they fought against them the tighter the vines would get. Then Herimone remembers the secret – relax. As soon as they stopped fighting, the vines let go.

The same can be said about our lows. The more we fight to suppress them or ignore them, the tighter they hold on. Instead, accept that it’s normal to have lows and that it’s OK.

If my day seems to be at a low, I say, “Today, it’s OK to not want to smile, it’s OK to really not feel like doing anything, it’s OK to cry if I feel like it.” Soon I feel lighter and even begin to feel more open and accepting. Once I feel this way, good and uplifting thoughts begin to spring up. I can then feel the low start to move into an upward climb.

Try it! You’ll be surprised how quickly the upturn happens! Remember that all of life experiences the Law of Rhythm. It’s easier to float downstream than to fight against the current. Once you begin to “go with the flow” you’ll feel less and less of the friction. This doesn’t mean that you just let things happen in your life and you don’t continue to make changes and choices that lead you to a higher more abundant life. This means that you understand that there is a flow to life and you are allowing yourself to use it to move yourself to the next step.


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