The First Step in the Creation Process

By Tammy Graham

We have all heard that “thoughts are things.” We create thoughts using the tool of our mind, we just don’t see our creation right away because it is first created in the Spiritual realm. The law of perpetual transmutation refers to how everything in the universe (spiritual, intellectual and physical) is in a constant state of change either growing or decaying, coming into or going out of existence, but never status quo. This law is in effect whether we are aware of it or not and can be used for our benefit or to our detriment. It remains constant no matter what we give our energies to, as I have experienced in my life.

A thought is the first step in the creation process. When God created our world he first created an image in his mind. We are co-creators with God in our life. The law of perpetual transmutation works by taking our thought, from the spirit form, to the intellect, to the physical, as long as we have intense thoughts and emotion added to it. Or at least we allow it to stay there by not pulling it out with our doubts. Energy particles move from the formless using you as the conduit and flow into the material world charged by your will.

As a high school sophomore I was day dreaming in class. The distinct thought came to my mind that I’d attend Ricks College, meet my husband there and marry when I am 20 years old. Around that same time I also had a dream where I saw a silhouette, with identifying details of my future husband.

Right out of high school I attended Ricks College. Three weeks before I graduated I met my husband and we were married when I was 20. I’d forgotten about those dreams for all those years. Those ideas were still there in fertile ground being nourished. It can be so simple for our ideas to come to fruition. As long as an idea is not consciously rejected then it eventually bears fruit.

A wise person once said, “Change engenders fear because it opens the door to the unknown. People will stay in bad situations just because it feels safer or easier to them than change.” Creating a new thought that doesn’t align with our current reality can be scary. I created a new thought that did not reflect my current reality.

I decided to go to a seminar out of state for 5 days and leave my 4 young children. For me this was a radical new thought and action. I decided I would pay cash by a certain day, not knowing where the money was coming from. Using the law of perpetual transmutation in my favor by believing, it all worked out. Visualizing, getting excited and expressing gratitude, the money came; so did a free place to stay.

Have you ever known a worry wart? I used to be one. Worrying is a very powerful emotion that forms a lot of congruent (meaning coinciding) thought. Your words, tonality and body language are all saying the same thing at the same time and often with a great deal of emotion. Since energy manifests in the physical form when much thought and energy are given to it, worrying is a very powerful tool for manifesting what you don’t want.

This happened to me when I got the one mid-wife I did not want to have out of the 10 that could have been my assistant in giving birth to my 4th child. I focused so much on not wanting Jo to be my midwife and not on who I did want (because I hadn’t decided who I wanted), that Jo is who I got because that was where I placed all my energy. We draw to us energies similar to our own, as well as similar to whatever we focus on in our thoughts.

As my son was learning to ride his bike he got nervous. Instead of keeping his eye on the road he would look to the left and that’s where he would go, often driving into someone’s yard. When he focused on where he wanted to go vs worrying about where he didn’t want to go, he ended up going where he wanted.

Whatever is accomplished in one’s life, is in direct proportion to the intensity and persistence of thoughts and where energy, is directed for good or bad. The present state of all areas of our lives (our home, vehicles we drive, food we eat, vacations we are able to take, position at work, wealth, health) are a manifestation of your previous thinking. It is in our best interest to relax, be grateful and expect great things in our lives.


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