Is it Good Or Bad?

By Tammy Graham

The Law of Relativity states that nothing is good or bad until it’s related to something of meaning to you.

It’s attaching the good or bad meaning to it that makes the difference in how we feel about it. This law can help us maintain optimism and feelings of gratitude by reminding us that things could always be worse. We remember to focus on the good, thus preparing us for greater blessings. God appreciates and rewards our gratitude and commands us to ask in thanksgiving.

“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God,” Philippians 4:6

“If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land,” Isaiah 1:19

I was hospitalized at 28 weeks pregnant, due to potentially fatal complications for the baby. I naturally applied the law of relativity to remain hopeful that everything would turn out okay. The worst case scenario was too much for me to even consider. To say I was anxious and terrified was an understatement. In the room next door was a woman expecting twin boys, who had the same complications as I did.

A few days after my arrival at the hospital she delivered the boys. They died shortly after birth. I remained in the hospital until week 34 when I delivered a healthy baby girl. I was blessed to take her home just two days later. My heart was broken for my neighbor, but my thoughts remained focused on my having healthy baby girl. I spent my time daydreaming about, learning about and preparing for my new role as a mother. Those feelings and actions of gratitude and expectancy, I believe, created a miracle in my life.

Today my greatest challenge is lack of financial resources (and knowing that I am responsible for
creating this!). I want financial freedom and prosperity. I and look to that life with gratitude and expectation. I am aware of how much I have compared to others; however, my focus is on what I want, I allow myself to see only that. Remembering how blessed I am, and seeing myself being financially prosperous and free prepares me to receive those blessings. I could “shoot myself in the foot” and give my energies to what I don’t want, poverty and lack. That’s what I’d get because sub-consciously we move towards what we focus on.

Some circumstances will never change. The only thing that can change is our way of thinking about them. I’ll have the same parents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters forever! I’ll always have pale skin and eyes, a small build, big feet and funny toes. I’ll always be subject to whatever the weather wants to dish out where ever I live, and I’ll always be subject to the laws of man and the laws of God. These are things I have no control over but can change the way I think about them. I could focus on the things in my life which I dislike and have no control over and go into depression. I can’t be poor without realizing someone else is richer. I can’t be sad without realizing someone else is happier. I can be aware of the sad state of others, but put my main focus on what is good in life and how I want life to be so that with the law of perpetual transmutation it will manifest.

Tammy Graham is an Honors Graduate of the Family Time & Money Freedom Course. She is currently training to become an official Mentor. A successful childrens teacher and author, she considers her greatest accomplishment being a mother to 4 beautiful, sweet children. She resides in the gorgeous Willamette Valley of Northern Oregon with her husband, children, cat and three pet frogs.


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