Weight Loss – What Are You Weighting For?

By Alisa Hancock

My weight has been my greatest teacher. As I have learned and applied universal laws and principles in other areas of my life, I have enjoyed almost immediate success. But weight loss has been a completely different journey for me. I am so grateful it has been. I have had to dig so much deeper and open myself up to new ways of seeing things and doing things.

I have learned that we are always better off when we come from a place of gratitude. So I always express gratitude for my body — I have great sight, great mobility, great health, great hearing, etc.

Writing a Vision Statement

The first thing I needed was to change my vision statement. I had been so focused on how much I weighed, how much I wanted to weigh — I used the word ‘weigh’ so many times in my vision statement that it was literally weighing me down. I started focusing on what I really wanted — to be fit, healthy and full of energy!

I learned that I can only achieve what I believe I can. Because I had failed so many times in the past with this goal, I had an extremely low belief level attached to this goal. To help raise my belief level, I started with this statement: I choose being fit, healthy, and full of energy!

Another thing I learned is that saying positive affirmations and then allowing myself to feel fat was counter-productive and self-defeating. So I followed up my belief statement with a “feeling” statement: I feel fabulous, confident, playful, and full of energy!

Finally, I ended with my vision statement: I am so happy and grateful now that I am fit, healthy, and full of energy!

Then I applied the repetition principle to my statements. I started saying each statement out loud at least 10 times a day — with a lot of passion and enthusiasm!!!

Another thing I learned is that saying positive affirmations and then not doing my daily workouts didn’t yield positive results. Small, consistent, daily action is key in getting the results you desire. You need to be sure that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are in complete alignment.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Asking great questions allows us to receive great answers. Any time I ask an open-ended question (a question with an infinite possibility of answers), I am preparing myself for success. Whenever I ask a closed-ended question (with a yes or no answer) such as Will I be successful with my goal?, my analytical mind processes all my past failures and comes back with a huge NO! However, when I ask myself the question How can I be successful with my goal?, then the creative side of my brain immediately starts coming up with solutions.

A great question to ask when we find ourselves taking an action that keeps us from reaching our goals is Isn’t it interesting…? For example, Isn’t it interesting that I chose not to exercise this morning? Isn’t it interesting that I ate those cookies? By asking this type of question, we remove all judgment and resistance. We know “that which we resist, persists.” When we resist the self-sabotage, instead of going away it persists. So we need to get to a place where we aren’t judging it or resisting it so we can get rid of it.

Then follow up with more open-ended questions: How can I fit exercise into my busy schedule? How can I eat those cookies and still reach my goal? How can I eat more fruits and vegetables? How can I eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks? What can I do to optimize my metabolism?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

Just like any other area, your path to successful weight loss will not be the same as someone else’s path. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another person. But when we apply these correct principles, the right teacher for us will appear right as we need them!

Go as far as you can with the knowledge you currently have, asking great questions along the way, and be amazed as unexpected teachers show up right when you need them! …You may have completely different teachers show up to teach you completely different things — won’t it be interesting to see how it all works out for you?

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