Intentional Paradigm Shifting

By Adam Porter

Nothing in the universe rests-everything is in a constant state of motion or vibration. We know that everything vibrates: molecules, radio waves, even people. Though we can’t see it with the naked eye, if we look closely enough through a microscope, we are sure to see the solid object vibrating. There are different rates of vibration that are manifest in spirit, mind, energy, and matter. We attract things by the way we think, how we feel, and even what we say; and we repel things from us in the same manner.

My son had an experience that showed both me and my wife how the law of vibration works. We had been living in Wyoming for a couple of years and my son was having a hard time finding friends. He had a rough 4thgrade year being “the new kid” at school; and from that time on, he really struggled with making and keeping friends.

He changed from being fairly confident around other boys, to thinking and feeling that other kids hated him. As he dwelt on these destructive beliefs, he developed a poor sense of self-worth, both mentally and spiritually, which created negative vibrations within him. He was literally repelling friends away from him. He didn’t want to participate in church, sports, or any other activities.

One day, his Sunday school teacher approached my wife and described what she had observed of our son. When he would go to class, he would sit in the corner with a scowl on his face. He felt paranoid that two other boys were talking about him. His teacher divulged that he wouldn’t participate in anything they did, though she always tried to include him.

After church, my wife and son spoke about the day’s events, and she had a small revelation. My wife has learned these same laws; and in the case of our son, she knew which law to apply. She talked to him about the law of vibration and told him that his attitude and actions were actually repelling friends. She invited him to try an experiment. She challenged him to imagine the next week, going to church, being confident and participating with the class, even if the other kids seemed to be cold.

She encouraged him to not give up, warning that it may take some time; but she assured him that his classmates would eventually warm up to him. My son did just that; and the following week, his church experience was a total turn around. His classmates responded well to him, and he seemed like a different kid.

The next hill was joining 6th grade football. My son was apprehensive about going, and changed his mind several times before sign-ups. He finally chose to join, and was happy with his first few days. On the fourth day, he came home declaring that football was not for him and that he was not going to finish out the season. We reminded him of his commitment and quitting was not an option.

We discussed the laws once again with him, and encouraged him to use his power of thought. The next day we picked him up from football and he said with enthusiasm, “I love football!” His experience is proving to be a positive one, and it is because he is learning to mind his thoughts and change his vibration all at the age of eleven.

When we are in a negative vibration, we attract negative results. The power to change our vibration is a God-given gift within us. Having positive thoughts will always produce positive results. In the scriptures, we read that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit; it is only when we choose to change our mental vibration that our spiritual will follow, and we will create a positive outcome (see Matthew 7:17-18).

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