Patience in Times of Adversity

By Adam Porter

When times seem to be more challenging than others, stick to the laws that provide the blessings. Before you receive the greatest of goods, you must first show that you will be faithful even in your darkest hour. This requires that you practice the true virtue of patience. Even as the law of gender points out that all things have their own time and season, you will come to the knowledge that “this too shall be but a small moment;” and when endured well, you will be blessed beyond measure.

Great is the joy of a man, who, in his times of trouble, holds on to a hope that it will soon pass. As he continues to show faith in God in all his doings, recognizing that he is a child of a loving Father in Heaven, that man will have a reason for humble gratitude, and give thanks for the time that he has now, for it will benefit him in the future.

Change your vibration and allow a paradigm shift to take place. Take courage to view your circumstances with the perspective that life will have its ups and its downs. Though it’s raining now, look forward to tomorrow for the brightness of the sun. When the storms of life beat heavily upon your house, remember the Rock upon which you are built.

This will happen to you when you create a goal and maintain a positive mindset. When your subconscious and conscience mind are both in the vibration to receive positive influences, the circumstances and things you need are gathering. In all ages of time, perils have and will arise and make life seem bleak. It is much easier to fall into discouragement and doubt, for discouragement and doubt don’t require work. Holding fast to your hope will take faith, strength, and dedication on your part. The greater the goal, the harder the stumbling block; that is the law of opposites.

The God of our spirits says, “draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:63). Notice that His is one of invitation, not force. You have the opportunity to act for yourself and not to be acted upon. No one, including God, God can draw you towards your desires and goals; you have to do that on your own. That is faith in action. Draw near to your desires and goals and they, in turn, will draw near unto you. You can’t make them come to you; they come on their own time. You meet your goal halfway, and the desired fruits will be at your fingertips.

Patience is the virtue in your objective to obtaining the things you want. “Wait on the Lord” (Psalm 37:34). Prove that you will by having genuine gratitude for all you have endured and for the strength God has allotted to you. Patience is the key to the lock, and gratitude is the handle to the door, to receiving the fruits of the blessings.

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