The Common Goal

By Monica Zollinger

Faith in God, Freedom from Procrastination, Clean House, and Belief in Self:

“I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that. Oh, no!
The tide is high and I’m moving on. I’m gonna be [my] number one.”
(Words adapted from John Holt’s song “The Tide Is High”)

I’ve had a goal to clean my house for YEARS. However, I cannot seem to get past all the boxes and piles that seem overwhelming. I have created an aversion to house cleaning by playing games. This procrastination technique has led to addictions and poor self-esteem.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking that cleaning your house is something you have to do often and constantly. I get it. If I don’t do the dishes regularly, they pile up, cluttering the kitchen counters, start smelling bad, and sometimes even start growing mold. Sometimes I think I should just start over by throwing them away and getting new ones. I could just use paper goods, but that’s kind of expensive and creates more landfill. I should just wash the dishes.

So, I scrape everything off (if it’s not so stuck by now that it simply doesn’t budge) and soak them extra long.

Contrast this with rinsing things off when I’m finished and putting them in the dishwasher twenty minutes after making the mess. I am able to enjoy the fruits of that labor and I have a cleaned-up kitchen ready to begin that lovely process again. I’ve learned that method with washing the dishes, even if I don’t always follow it.

If it works in the kitchen, it should work for the whole house, correct? I shower regularly, cleaning and beautifying myself. I launder my clothes, keeping them clean and beautiful. I can even dust and vacuum the living room on occasion to make it clean and beautiful when I’m expecting guests.

Let’s go back and focus on one of those examples—my body. It’s not as simple as it once was to take care of because I was diagnosed with a tumor and added extra weight. I have to take daily medication, frequent blood samples, and bi-annual CT scans. Because I’ve added 100 pounds of extra weight, I now have a CPAP machine that I need to use and clean every day. It is harder to climb stairs or run if I need to. I’m not as free or energetic as I used to be because I have extra things to take care of now. Am I just going to throw this body away and replace it? No. But if I took some weight off, exercised it and nourished it with good food, it would be easier to take care of and I would enjoy it more.

Simplicity is the key to taking care of my body. I just need to concentrate on four simple steps…

  1. Get rid of the excess weight
  2. Organize (my food and exercise)
  3. Clean regularly—shower, brush teeth, etc., and
  4. Enjoy it!

This simplicity could be applied in my home as well. I noticed at my mother-in-law’s house when I visited that it was so calm and peaceful and I enjoyed the simplicity and organization. When I mentioned it to her, she told me they had several storage units full of junk that they never use, except for a few things on occasion. In their home, they only have what’s needed and what truly brings them joy. It is so much easier to maintain that way.

Do I even know how much stuff I need and enjoy? I need to keep the same simplicity in mind in taking care of my house as I do with taking care of my body.

  1. Get rid of the excess
  2. Organize (give it a right place)
  3. Clean (dust, vacuum, wipe down regularly)
  4. Enjoy it! (Calm, peaceful, loving feelings!)

Let’s address a few concerns that may come up.

  • What if I need something that I got rid of? I could get another one. I probably already do that because I can’t find it anyway. If it’s sentimental, I can describe it and if I truly need it, it will be manifest again.
  • What if my husband gets mad? That’s happened before and I lived through it. Just think about the possibility of him being calmer and enjoying the simple version too.
  • I might actually enjoy it.
  • Don’t I deserve to be happy? If I enjoyed a clean house, I might be more productive, spend more quality time with family, or feel a great weight lifted and feel better about myself. I could accomplish anything!

So, what do trust and faith in God, freedom from procrastination, a clean house, and a belief in self, have in common? If I truly know who I am and trust that God created me and wants me to be happy, then I will stop procrastinating and trust that he will help me clean and organize my house so that I may feel peace, power, and prosperity.


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